The Judging of Feature-length Documentary and The Matters of Indonesia Documentary

Monday (12/7), judging stage for category feature-length documentary on FFD ’14 has done. From 11 feature nominees, 3 of them were approved to continue to the final stage. The three finalists are Tanah Mama (Mama’s Soil), Lelang Harga Sang Pemangsa (The Auctions of Predators), and Harimau Minahasa (Tiger of Minahasa).

The judging stage was done in a closed private room in TeMBI Rumah Budaya complex area, Sewon, Bantul by three outstanding juries in the film industry. They are Debra Zimmerman (Executive Director of Women Make Movies), J.B Kristianto (Grand Jury of FFI), and Ronny Agustinus (Editor In Chief Marjin Kiri& Jury of ARKIPEL). The judging process ran last approximately 3 hours, started from 10 AM – 1 PM. After screening the three finalists’ films with its average duration 56 minutes, the judging process was ended with a discussion that generated a new dialectic. As the result, each jury stated opinions with a similar core problem, that conceptual thinking of Indonesia Documentary is still weak.

One of the basic weaknesses of Indonesia Documentary is journalistic skill, how to deliver a message effectively and interestingly. That is our basic problem, how to arrange narrative, despite of the fact that some are already good, even great,” said Ronny Agustinus as one of the juries.

To cope with this problem, this two-years-in-a-row Jury of ARKIPEL (Jakarta International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival 2014 &2015) contended that narrative arrangement is the most basic problem for Indonesia Documentary, “basically documentary is a journalistic work using 5W & 1H, subject matter, background, and values that aimed to be delivered. Those are very basic, starting from writing and then visually executed, even though written and visual form is different, the basic is remaining the same. That is our basic problem.

Regarding the implementation of Festival Film Dokumenter that established since 2002, Ronny, the man who stands as the editor in chief of Marjin Kiri, also directly gave his personal opinion. “I believe FFD is a pride, the most experienced who started and keep being consistent are not to-be-underestimated achievements, and in case that something needs to be improved, it must be the Masterclass, I think it is a good way to spread education about documentary, learning from the best.

[Dwiki Aprinaldi/Teguh Nurrohman]

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