Student Documentary Judging and Beautifully Elaborating Restlesness

Proses Penjurian Dokumenter Pelajar

The series of Festival Film Dokumenter’s competition has ended along with completion of judging process for Student Documentary Category on Friday (12/9). From 11 films submitted, 6 of it had been selected to be a finalists in this category: 1880 mdpl, Arang Bathok, Galian C, Setitik Asa dari Kita,Waktu Makan, and Kami Hanya Menjalankan Perintah, Jenderal!

Like the other 2 categories. Judging process of Student Documentary was held in Dreamlight World Media Building, Ngupasan, Yogyakarta. This year, St. Kartono (Teacher and Author) is trusted to be one of the juries for Student Documentary accompanied with other 2 juries: B. W. Purba Negara (Director) and Thong Kay-Wee (Outreach Executive Asian Film Archive).

The judging process started with finalists’ films screening on 9.30 A. M. until 11. 30 A. M. without taking break, the juries started the discussion right away after the film screening has ended to decide who is deserved to be the best among all in the Student Documentary category. This proses didn’t last long because the juries were having same arguments. The whole judging process ended on 1.30 P. M. and continued to lunch.

Seeing Student Documentary development from sumbission and quality, St. Kartono felt good enough with this condition. “the way the student think is more comprehensive. They are now not only seeing from one door. The ability to elaborate the experience, issues, and events is more higher. This must be appreciated,” said this one of the teacher of Kolese De Britto Highschool.

As the only one of the jury who is not from Indonesia, Thong Kay-Wee is also appreciated the spirit of Indonesian student on telling their restlessness through documentary films. “ The films in student documentary is lifting the issues that actually exsist withing Indonesian people. Sets aside the quality of film itself, the film in this competition is having their own uniqueness from the narrated issues,” said him.

The winner of Student Documentary category together with the Special Mention will be announced in Awarding Night and Festival Film Dokumenter 15 closing event that will be held today (12/10) at Societet Militaire Building Taman Budaya Yogyakarta on 7 P. M. until 9 P. M. [Anas AH/Ellyta Rahmayandi]



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