Six Representation of Girl in Discussion

Ismi Ranjani, Sri Wahyaningsih, Sani Widowati (dari kiri ke kanan)

The discussion in the 3rd day of 15th Festival Film Dokumenter implementation titled What They Talk When They Talk Aout Girl has enden on Thursday (12/9). The discussion was involving Sani Widato as the moderator, Sri Wahyaningsih, and also Ismi Rinjani as the speakers. The participants was not only from young people, but also participated by parents to follow the discussion flow that afternoon.

The discussion was about the issue that exist in Indonesian girl teenager life representated through the film of Kembang 6 Rupa. A film by Kampung Halaman, divided to 6 short films that tells about girl teenager life from different location in Indonesia. The first film is about Pipit, a girl on her 2nd year of highschool from Sumedang who is an active student in her school. She have a strong ability in sport and oftenly take participation in competition from every level, her achievements in the from of trophies were only can decorate the showcase in her school. Pipit, who is only a village girl have a dream to be a PE teacher someday.

The 2nd film tells about Agnes, a girl from Wamena who was forced to drop out from her school because of got pregnant outside marriage in her teen age. There is not much that she can do except taking care of her child, household work, and making noken, knit bag from Papua. She makes it by herself and sell it so she can make a living and to help her family. The small outcome is not making Agnes to give up easily to save money so she can continue her school someday.

Next is Anih, a middle school student from Kuningan who should feel the discrimination in her teenager life. Her faith in Sunda Wiwitan is making difficulties for her to take care of civil affairs or even to get into school. She was forced to manipulate her KTP by confessing in other religion. The difficulties to take care of administration is also felt by Anih’s mom because of Anih brother cannot get into school because he didn’t have birth certificate. The reason behind it is because Anih parents’ wedding was not approved in religion wedding. Anih hopes that someday, Sunda Wiwitan can be recognized as a religion in Indonesia, and also for other religion that is having some problems, so that the culture won’t be extinct only because of the bureaucracy.

The next film tells about Maesarah, a girl from Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara that wished to work in Malaysia after graduated from highschool. That wish come after she saw her neighbor’ facebook posts. That wish is also supported by her teacher at school because of understandment of working abroad can get you more money. But, Maesarah’s parents are acually still hard to agree about their daughter’s decision because of their economy condition. Her father is a mere fisheman and the mother is a bread seller.

The 5th in this discussion showed us about the spirit of girl teenagers in Wedomartini, Sleman which are the part of GEMA 55 youth organization. Their spirit in organizing events such as takbiran sometimes did’t get any support from the parents. Beside that, Lala, one of the girl from GEMA 55 said that the organization is not well-developing in organizing an event because there’s no evaluation after the event was implemented.

The last film of the discussion tells about a girl from Indramayu, called Ika. Ika feels like being excluded by her family, especially by her mother who became a single parent after her divorce. Young Ika wants to go to Jakarta to work in massage and karaoke club. Ika thinks, working in Jakarta is fun and will give her so much money, not like in her village, the boring Amis village. Her mother is actually against her wish, she is worried about Ika’s life in Jakarta, and to thought that Ika is still young. The contradiction betwenn Ikan and her mother is making their relationship not went well.

Screening Kembang 6 Rupa ‘Apa Yang Tidak Dibicarakan Ketika Membicarakan Remaja Perempuan’

There are some issues that emerged from the film and reaping responds from the audiences and the of them is about te girl teenagers’ condition that narrated in the film is affected by the tradition which then trapped then to do their life by the rigid way, and limited. Ismi Rinjai said that those issues is really existed, the reason behind that is because some of Indonesian teenagers is missing their parents’ role in their life nowadays. When a teenager is not getting what their should get from their parents, so automaticaly, they will search for another role models to lead them to find their life purposes.

“in this film, the main teacher and which is exalted is cellphone. We can see how strong is social media in controling their life and mind. And in the same time, parents role is missing. The values that supposes to be within in family is not seen. There is also culture that being impartial on woman, though in this era, culture have to adjust to the current development so that they can still alive,” said Sri Wahyaningsih.

Other opinion was also said by some of the audiences. There were some of the opinions that now, education centext is only about formal school of 9-12 years old, whereas they thought that education is warranty of a good life. There was so many cases where parents in the village that trying so hard farming up to selling their land so their childern can get into medical school or being a police. Though, the concept of good education is learning for communiting, socializing, and facing society with the purpose of self-development using new things and shaping people as themselves. “The stigma of successfulness should be changed. Everyone is supposed to be themselves and having a potential to be established. So, when there are an emptiness of parents role, school, or society, we shouldn’t be keep quiet. We should preserve our anchestor’s values,” said Sri Wahyaningsih.

Also according to Ismi, humans are having their own roles, and that role should be maximizd well because we can’t let our offsprings to miss the function of their own role or other people’s role and destroying the system. Beside that, according to the moderator Sani Widowati, learning should be full with questions, not only with answers, and we should make findings about life’s purposes.

Diskusi Kembang 6 Rupa ‘Apa Yang Tidak Dibicarakan Ketika Membicarakan Remaja Perempuan’

Another issues that existed in this film is about gender bias. In this film, only a bit scene that showed about men’s role as father who should give guidance and directives in shaping their child’s life’s purposes. This is an irony that often happened in the society. An audience who is a mother was saying her restlessness in the discussion, she gave a question that should be a reflection for Indonesian people.

“Ever we thought why people is always worried about a mother who can’t cook well, yet we never worried about a father that can’t be a leader for his family?” she said. She hopes that Indonesian men, especially the youth ones to keep their function and their nature as a man, which is identic to leader, identic to the term of protector so the stigma about “prosperous family” that today is still a myth, can really exist and become a good example to the other family and to the society. [Justicia Handykaputri / Ellyta Rahmayandi]


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