Re-Defining: Questioning the Identity of Recent Society


Monday (12/7) evening, took place over Societet building, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, was happening the opening night of Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) 2015. This event was attended by both domestic and overseas guests including Mrs. Brenda Wells as a representative of American envoy who had the opportunity to deliver the first opening remarks. The next was Michael Adi Chandra’s turn as the director of FFD 2015 to deliver his opening remarks about 133 entries submitted to FFD this year. “This is the highest number of entries received by FFD during its 14 years of implementation,” Chandra said. Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude toward the entire parties which supported the implementation of FFD 2015, including volunteers, partners, and local government.

Right after Michael was Ayu Diah Cempaka’s turn as the program coordinator to deliver a deeper explanation about the 14th FFD’s theme, Re-Defining. “Re-Defining is a reflection of the Indonesian Documentary development which becoming more popular. Hopefully this theme could represent the recent condition where the society questions their own identity starting from personal matters that we brought from the past and memories, up to external things which connect and affect each other” she said.

This year, FFD has two main programs, they are Competition and Non-Competition. Competition program is divided into three categories: Feature-length, Short-length, and Documentary. On the other hand, Non-Competition program consists of Perspective program, Spectrum, Docu Francais, Thai Doc, and many more. The screening could be watched freely in two venues which are Taman Budaya Yogyakarta and IFI-LIP until 12 December 2015.

Afterwards, the opening night was continued by screening a film, What Day Is To Day? It was a documentary from Portugal, telling a witness story of 40 years dictatorial regimes and 40 years of chaotic democracy. From that witness, they realized that the struggle toward Human Rights was merely a delusion. Lastly, performances by Slipping Pills and Jalan Pulang had completed the opening night of this always-being-held-in-December festival.

[Dwi Utami/Teguh Nurrohman]

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