Masterclass: Good Pitch – Create, Connect, and Change


Took place in Auditorium IFI-LIP Sagan, Yogyakarta, Tuesday (12/8), a seminar entitled Good Pitch: Create, Connect, and Change has been held. The seminar, which was started from 9 AM socialized Good Pitch as a program developed by BRITDOC. It was directly led by deputy director of BRITDOC, Elise McCave. From New York, Elise has vision to develop Good Pitch globally by building partnership between stakeholders from any kind of field such as NGO, philanthropy, entrepreneurs, corporation, television networks, educators, policymakers, and activists who interested in using documentary as a revolutionary triggering instrument for society. Hopefully, it can encourage the filmmakers to work harder.

As the coordinator of Master Class 2015, Henricus Pria explained, “this year, we’re associated with Britdoc as a media partner, this seminar becomes information media for Jogja people that Good Pitch will be opened on February 2016 (call for entry), since there is Master Class program in FFD 2015, we are hoping that the participants of Master Class also get new information for the development of their projects”.

Meanwhile, BW. Purbanegara, one of the juries of Student Documentary category, gave positive responses toward the existence of Good Pitch in Indonesia, “Documentary is a vital element for Jogja people who need fresh strategies. The interesting thing here is when we can find new networks to increase the number of the strategy itself. This is important to observe other cases,” he said.

Talking deeper about Good Pitch, Amelia Hapsari, one of the Indonesia Good Pitch founders, explains about the strategies, the first one is Call For Entry. “From the submitted proposals, we will choose the best 5, and then each of those will be given a coordinator who will determine the technical target of the film, such as the suitable partner and the film target, to whom it will be screened, until it formed into an event for those films” she said. Hopefully this can interest television networks to be more concern about documentary.

Good Pitch provides opportunity for documentary directors since filmmakers can meet people who can fund their upcoming projects. Recently, it can be admitted that it is a nice strategy for documentary industry. Good Pitch can be considered as the part of Festival Film Dokumenter 2015.

[Dwi Utami/Teguh Nurrohman]

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