Masterclass Docs In Progress and The Dynamics on Project Making Process of Each Participants.

Peserta, Mentor, dan Panitia Masterclass di Tembi Rumah Budaya

Education program by Festival Film Dokumenter aside from School Docs, Master Class, in this year has sucessfully ended after been held on December 6-9. 10 filmmakers from everywhere were took participation as participants who is ready with their own projects. Inviting some professional mentors such as John Appel, Malinda Wink, Ranjan Palit and director Aryo Danusiri is making Docs In Progress theme more stronger with knowledges, point of view, and experiences that had been passed by them. With that theme, this year Master Class was expected to help the filmmakers in solving the problems or obtascles found in their projects. Beside that, the dynamics in Master Class in also went well and conducive by seeing the participants’ interest.

Masterclass Hari Pertama

The first day implementation was held on Tuesday (12/6), opened by discussion session and the screening of some documentary film with John Appel as the mentor. On that session. John was giving much enough suggestions that can help the filmmaker, he said that a documenter will be good if the filmmakers can understand well about the storyline of their projects, where a film is not mere about who and how is the story that will be implemented, is there any problems or issues within it. Because, some documentary film often intented to be made in purpose of findings, solution, or the answer of an exsisting issue. Beside that, John was also said that documentary film should be able to inform a message not only through visual, “not only through what the audience see, but the point that wanted to be told about in the film is also described by the background sound that can support the atmosphere in each segments of the film,” said John.

Presentasi Project dari Peserta Masterclass

The second day of Masterclass held on Wednesday (12/7), was a session where the participants had opportunity to presentated each of theor projects to be given responds, both from fellow participants and the directors. Aryo Danusiri, a famous Indonesian director was also described some subjects related to Docs In Progress theme in this session. Then followed by film screening and discussion with Ranjan Palit about his works in the third day of masterclass. Like the previous days, the interests of participants were high with the given reciplrocal. In the 4th day of masterclass or the final day, was the day which the participants were given and opportunity to show their works in front of the mentors,  Greg Arya (Festival Director FFD 15), and also Aryo Danusiri. In that session, the participants should be done in preparing the projects by detailly explaining about the purposes, meanings, and future expextations of their next projects. The juries were quite enthusiast with projects presentations of the participants by giving comments and suggestion for them all.

Sesi One-On-One Masterclass bersama John Appel

“This year masterclass in quite interesting, there’s different opinion from different peopel about documentary trailer that is also different. When my film’s trailer in being showed, some of them were enjoying it even giving applauses when it ended. But, there’s also that not giving any reactions. Yet, that it is, people is different and the way they react to something is also different,” said Ranjan Palit. Ranjan was also mentioned about the participants’ confidence towards their projects, he found some was having stronger character that ones in the aspect of project maturity. He obeserved that when they were on the one-on-one session which was the closing session of the third day of masterclass.

Sesi One-On-One Masterclass bersama Malinda Wink

“There is film that actually have a good concept but unfortunately is not well-wrapped enough into the film, it means that the film is not bringing out certain emotion and tends to stagnan, and then what is want to be showed in the film. But in the other side, the team which have strong character is already well-established in the project maturation, the meanings, and the values of teh film is already clear,” continued Ranjan. For next year materclass program, Ranjan hope the organizer will invite director or speaker that can explain about pitching project, the filmmakers can get money to work on their projects. In his opinion, we really need that because in documentary fill, aside from working with cameras and concepts, material capital is important.

Sesi One-On-One Masterclass bersama Ranjan Palit

The dynamics of masterclass that was conducive, interactive, and well-running was agreed by Ichsan as one of the participants of this year masterclass. In his opinion, in 4 days of taking participations insome discussion and pitching session, he found it helpful and gained so much positive suggestion that will be supported his next project. The calm atmosphere on Tembi Rumah Budaya is also providing the smoothness of masterclass implementation so that giving different impression.

“The expectation is hopefully this year masterclass and upcoming next years still can give interesting themes, educationing the filmmaker and also still can give experiences in talking about documentary film,” said Ichsan. [Justika Handykaputri/Ellyta Rahmayandi]


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