Long Documentary Judging and Variety of Documentary Contents Enigma

Proses Penjurian Kategori Dokumenter Panjang

Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) 15 Long Documentary category judging has ended on Wednesday (12/7). Previously, internal curation process had 7 from 53 submitted long documentary film that selected to enter the final stage of the judging. Those films are: I  Want To Be A King, Red Clothes, Shadow Girl, Roshmia, Nokas, Bulu Mata, and Potongan. The main agenda of the judging was deciding some films that considered worthy to be the best in the FFD implementation this year.

Judging process was held in Dreamlight World Media building, Ngupasan, Yogyakarta. With the 3 figures of cinema as the juries that their name is quite familiar in international cinema film. They are John Badalu (Founder of Q! Film Festival), Lisabona Rahman (Film Activist and Editor on Katalog Film Indonesia), and Ranjan Palit (Cinematographer and Filmmaker from India)

This year, there was no screening session of finalists’ film because the film had already watched by the juries in the other time. Judging precess was only facilitated discussion to dicuss and decide the best film for this year competition. Discussion session lasted for 40 minutes. There was not so much topics to be discussed because each of the juries were not having big contention in deciding the winner. The judging was started from 1 P. M. until 1.30 P. M. before closed with lunch together.

About the FFD that opened an opportunity for the first time for international documentary to take part in the competition in Long Documentary category, the juries were welcomed this decision greatly. “As the oldest festival organizer for documentary film in Southeast Asia, this program is considered interesting,” said Ranjan Palit.

John Badalu, as one of the founder of Q! Film Festival is also giving positive energy on FFD implementation in order to grow more better and become an international festival that recognized by international world. It’s because the festival that had turned 15 years of implementation still having few visitors from outside of Indonesia. “For an international competition, this competition is still slightly lack on the variety of the contents because still Asia oriented, even Indonesia. As an International Festival, variety of the participants still need to be enhanced,” said John Badalu. [Anas AH/Ellyta Rahmayandi]

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