Studet Documentary Judging Process and The Depth of Context with Alternative Point of View

Proses Penjurian Kategori Dokumenter Pelajar

Three member of the jury board involved in serious discussion when deciding who is the winner of Student Documentary Competition Festival Film Dokumenter this year. Irfan R. Darajat and Jason Iskandar see that the films they choose bring “freshness” in style, topic, and determination of point of view in variety of Indonesian Documentary today.

In our 16th year, Festival Film Dokumenter had chosen six out of 24 films that submitted in student documentary competition category to be nominators. Those films are the result of jury board, chosen by them based on how the filmmakers wrapping the issues, ability in placing film as medium of criticism tool about simple problems and as loopholes to talk about bigger problems. This six film then get into the last judging process on Saturday, 9 December 2017 at Dapur Uma Indonesia.

Judging process started with winner candidates submission by the jury board. This stage is two out of sitx winner candidates of Student Documentary competition. Irfan R. Darajat, Steve Pillar, and Jason Iskandar doesn’t have same  choice of films, so both of the film is slice from variety of their chosen film.

They argue with each other to show strenght and weakness of each chosen film. Topic, format, up to the depth of the issue that is being highlighted, analyzed by the three juries carefully. The see how the films presented.

Moderated by Henricus Pria as the coordinator of Competition program, the three hours discussion then getting the result. The three juries board agreed that a film they chosen deserved to be the winner in Student Documentary competition category. They see that this film had offered the depth of context that presented with anti-mainstream point of view. Then, this film is also suceed in highlighting the depth of the context through its choices of visual. The juries are also agreed that in this year, they doesn’t give the special mention appreciation on Student Documentary competition category.

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