Experiencing Sensory Ethnographic Film on Discussion

Diskusi ‘Merasakan Film Etnografi Indrawi’ bersama Aryo Danusiri, Eric Sasono, dan Franciscus Apriwan

First discussion of 15th Festival Film Dokumenter Displacement series of events with the theme Experiencing Sensory Ethnographic Film had been held on Thursday (12/8). Took place at Seminar Room Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, this discussion was involving two speakers, Aryo Danusiri (Director of sensory ethnographic film On Broadway #5) and Eric Sasono (Film Critics) with Fransiscus Apriwan (Program Coordinator) as the moderator, and the participants who’d been enthusiastically following the discussion.

Started with On Broadway #5 film screening that used as reference in this discussion. This film with 61 minutes of duration was telling us about public space, interfaith relations, and memory within American citizen. Presented in 6 sequences, this film was trying to lift the narrated subject with a bit different perspective. Sensory ethnographic that brought by this film gave an opportunity for the audience to experiencing the lifted subject when watching the film.

The discussion process was running smoothly and the participants were enthusiastically asking questions around sensory ethnographic topics and film-making technique, how can sensory ethnographic film sucessfully delivered the message to the audience, up to sensory ethnograpy film position in cinema world. The discussion was not only about documentary film, along with the question flow, the participants was also asked about how sensory ethnographic be used in fiction film. There are so much interesting novelty that can be retrivied from this discussion.

The uniqueness of sensory ethnographic film on choosing the perspective in seeing discourse was invited variety of interesting questions from the discussion participants. One of the question that seemed interesting was coming from one of the discussion participants that asked about is sensory ethnographic film same with observational and is sensory ethnographic documentary film only rely on its visual to delivered its subject?

“Sensory ethnographic is absolutely different from observational, let alone sensory anthropology. Basically, sensory ethnographic is a technique to experiencing ethnography using human sense. If other film is only presenting the story or subject in watching, then sensory ethnography is inviting the audience to experiencing that ethnography itself,” answered Aryo to the question about sensory ethnographic film.

“Visual in documentary flm, or in any films are actually only a presentation of depiction about the subject. However, sound is an autenthic evidence in presenting a subject. In sensory ethnography, visual is used to inviting the audience in experiencing the film, but sound is still becoming an evidence that the lifted discourse can lead to the assumption that this is a documentary film with real issues as the subject, not only a mere fiction,” said Eric ended the discussion. [Ellyta Rahmayandi]

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