Experiencing Documentary as Displacement Reality through 15th Festival Film Dokumenter

Festival Film Dokumenter 15 | Displacement Press Conference

On Wednesday (30/11), Festival Film Dokumenter Press Conference had been held at IFI-LIP Yogyakarta Auditorium. The speakers than presented; Greg Arya (festival director), Franciscuss Apriwan (progran coordinator), and Ukky Satya (competition coordinator), has explained about this year’s festival and the renewals that had been done by FFD as the oldest documentary festival in Southeast Asia. This year, for the first time ffd is opening long documentary competition for films from outside of Indonesia, “There’s a challenge to see how indonesian documentary films coupled with documentary films from outside of indonesia in competition,” said Ukky. With the total of 151 submitted films; 53 films for long documentary category, 87 films for short documentary category, and 11 films for student documentary category. This year competition is the highest sumbission number compared to the previous years.

Through the title of ‘Displacement’, Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) in their 15th years of implementation is choosen as a response to various enviromental and humanitarian issues that matters. Through this perspective, we want to uncover various displacement process that occurred in space and time of our lives critically towards the relation of established power. Displacement comes as representative of several element; a leap of record of events from time to time where history and memory are become substantial to be presented again (displacement of time), Human rights problematics that arised from the policy of local politic to globalization (displacement of space) which affected the story of personal or context of a city in its social life, and how culture acts as media control well as media resistance against the policy of a system.

Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) ‘Displacement’ will be held in 4 days in second weeks of December, 7-10 December 2016. With the involvement of 32 countries from all over the world, This year’s Festival Film Dokumenter  will play  71 selected films that will be played in 4 different venues; Societet Militair Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Seminar Room Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, IFI-LIP Yogyakarta, and Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta.

This year, FFD is divided into 5 programs, ie: Competition, Screening (Prespective and Spectrum), Partial, Education (SchoolDocs and Masterclass), and Discussion.

Of 3 categories that were presented in the Competition program; Long Documetary, Short Documentary, and Student Documentary, an opportunity opened for the first time for documetary films from outside Indonesia to take participation on Long Documentary category of Competition Program. In total of 151 films submitted; 53 submission of Long Documentary, 87 submission of Short Documentary, and 11 submission of Student Documentary. The diversity and richness of these films did not just show up in terms of demographics of the participants, but also in content and form, the themes’ adoption that simple and have daily proximity, up to themes that study actual problems, also other problems that never depleted to be debated and problems that crossed ages such as gender and sexuality. Through festival’s internal curation, 22 films have been selected with details; 7 finalists from Long Documentary, 9 finalists from Short Documentary, and 6 finalists from Student Documentary. Those films are considered managed to translate the issues raised in the film to the audience.

The juries that involved on Long Documentary competition this year include: John Badalu, Lisabina Rahman. And Ranjan Palit. From Short Documentary competition we have: Eric Sasono, F.X. Harsono, and Yosep Anggi Noen. Meanwhile, in Student Documentary we have: St. Kartono, B. W. Purba Negara, and Thong Kay Wee.

Besides Perspective Program as ‘Displacement’ elaboration medium through screened films, Spectrum Program also come as program designed by FFD to presents diversity in documentary films from all over the world. This year, Spectrum specially becomes a program that celebrate film maker’s creativity in organizing the findings of archives or recordings of the events that occured in documentary film making process.

Besides Perspective and Spectrum, we will also present Parsial Program. This program is open for institutions, organizations, and colleagues to collaborate through curatorial program that mutually agreed on – not only concerns on films and documentary archives but also across mediums and supports each other’s vision, this will be specified to 6 sub-program: Virtual Reality (VR). Asian Docs, Focus Japan, SEADoc, Docu Française, and Le Mois du Film Documentaire

Virtual Reality (VR) is presenting for the first time this year as a form of collaboration between FFD and British Council in program series of UK|ID 2016. Applying vitual reality technology through two selected short film: In My Shoes: Dancing with Myself (Jane Gauntlett, 2015) and Notes On Blindness: Into the Darkness (Amaud Colinart & Amaury La Burthe, 2016) – which provides opportunity for the audience to enter the world of two persons with disabilities: epilepsy and blindness, and also inviting us to have more empathy towards disability issues. Notes On Blindness (James Spinney & Peter Middleton, 2015) in longer version will be played on Perspective Program – inviting us to experience how displacement of John Hull as a blind person, recorded through his personal notes.

Beside that, Virtual Reality that needs VR Gear to experience a film later will become an unique program. Interactive performance to experience In my shoes: Dancing with my self and Notes on Blindness: Into The Darkness had also described by Greg Arya, if the films in this program is not only watching matter. But about how the title of ‘Technology and empathy’ will later be able implementated through simple narration and combination of various elements from the film and its interaction with the user. This program is open for public on December 7-10, 2016 and will take place at Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta

Asian Docs is a collaboration program from two festival; Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) and Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF). A program to experience Asia through various selected documentary films from or with Asia perspective. Comprehension of Asia absolutely not limited only on its literal definition as a mere geographical region. Moreover, the idea about Asia that we lifted, it appears that every countries in Asia to have and carry their voices, situations, issues, and aesthetics respectively – which is embodiment of Asia lifestyle with all of its elements; people, society, culture, economy, and political situations that diverse – which certainly can’t be measured by the same parameters.

Focus Japan as collaboration program with Japan Foundation becomes our focus in seeing Japan as a country that has a long history about cinema culture and well established, as well as perspective and way to give typical perception – that can be seen more closely through their documentary films.

SEADoc (Southeast Asia Documentary), as its name implies, has been panned Southeast Asia documentaries since 2007. This year, SEADoc is focusing in Singapore, in collaboration with Asian Film Archive, FFD will presents 4 films; Snakeskin (Daniel Hui, 2014), The Songs We Sang (Eva Tang, 2016), 1987: Untracing the Conspiracy (Jason Soo, 2015), and 03-Flats (Lei Yuan Bin, 2014). In their 51 years of liberation, Singapore has become the benchmark of modernity for their fellow Southeast Asian country and experienced colonialism in different form. SEADoc is trying to read the journey of Singapore consecutively, to follow transformation of a small country in Malay Peninsula which can’t be separated from its series of ethnics, social, and sectarian issues.

Docu Française dan Le Mois du Film Documentaire are two collaboration programs between FFD and IFI (Institut Français d’Indonésie). Docu Française will be playing two long films; Le Challat de Tunis (Kaouther Ben Hania, 2013), and Kamen-Les Pierres (Florence Lazar, 2014), and 2 short films; En déplacement / On the Move (Leandro Muniz Barreto, 2015), and Waiting for the (T)rain (Simon Panay, 2015). Meanwhile, Le mois du Film Documentaire will be lifting revolution story from 4 long story – culturally, socially, politically, or personally. These 4 films in Le Mois du Documentaire already screened at IFI-LIP Yogyakarta on November 29-30th 2016. C’est eux les chiens (Lasri Hicham, 2015), Je suis le people (Anna Roussillon, 2014), Le Chalat de Tunis (Kaouther Ben Hania, 2013), and La Faille (Nino Kirtadze, 2007). Some stories of life; about a choice, pleasure, anger, empathy, and sympathy become contents of this program. The emergence of those perspective may change our way to live, even seeing another life. That deficiency could be an advantage, and vice versa.

As for Discussion program will take place at Seminar Room, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta on December 8-10th 14.30 Western-Indonesia Standard Time. There will be 3 topics that will be lifted as discussion materials, ie; Sensing the Sensory Ethnograpic Film, What They Don’t Talk When They Talk About Girl, and Displacement and Stratagem. In each title of discussion, FFD is also collaborating with several film critics, and representation from multidiciplinary institution to discuss about current phenomenon and its relation with narration that the screened films tale-told.

Through various program that summed up in the D-day of the festival, FFD still believe on the film potency and its function as contribution to humanism through the audience’s acts after watching. Because, film – especially documentary – is not only about imitation of nature and world events. Films allows us to imagine in detail – giving shape to something that is not intangible in reality or our minds. No exception to imagine a change, personal or social. Hopefully, ‘Displacement’ that FFD offers can be self-criticism and reflection, to measure the extent of our journey as human beings. [Dwiki Aprinaldi / Ellyta Rahmayandi]

Festival Film Dokumenter 15 | Displacement

Festival Film Dokumenter 15 | Displacement


Festival Film Dokumenter 15 | Displacement Schedule

Festival Film Dokumenter 15 | Displacement Schedule

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