Docs in Progress | Story Development, Trailer Editing, and Pitching Training

Masterclass FFD 2015

After held for the 1st time in 2006, FFD’s Masterclass is now re-hosted in our 10th edition. Through the same mission in previous years to increase the capacity of knowledges, references and technical capabilities that needed in good film production, Masterclass is now coming with the title ‘Docs in Progress’ through elaboration, story development, trailer editing, and pitching training. Different from the previous years that cultivated in specific aspects in technical production of documentary film such as: scoring and cinematography, Docs in Progress in its 2nd held will take focus in project development of documentary filmmakers.

Docs in Progress

Festival Film Dokumenter as the organizer, feel that if filmmakers in Indonesia need more participation and access in workshops or masterclasses to improve their capability in film making. So later filmmakers who participated are expected to inspire the public through their creative works that have previously been advanced beforehand in these expertise classes. Docs in Progress will not just support in documentary knowledge and development, but also discussed the need of information while criticizing the process of creating each documentary works ever made.

In efforts to provide space for discussion and consultation for the participants, Docs in Progress  will present Malinda Wink (Director: Good Pitch Australia), John Apple (Director, Netherlands), and Ranjan Palit (Cinematographer, India) for them to share experiences and exclusive session one on one with mentors to discuss the participant’s project. Together with Embassy of Netherlands, Good Pitch, In-Docs, and BEKRAF, FFD’s Masterclass is willing to accept filmmakers and projects from throughout Indonesia to be developed together on December 6-9 2016 in Tembi Rumah Budaya Yogyakarta. [Dwiki Aprinaldi]

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