Beyond Limitations through Virtual Reality Dialogue


As one of programm series UK|ID 2016 — a form of cooperation with British Council, Festival Film Dokumenter this year will brought up disabilities issue through a title “Beyond Limitations”. Limitations itself become  a real matter in our life as a human, yet often seen as something not important by most people. Limitations can be seen in many form such as physically, cognitively, mentally, sensorily, emotionally, or combination of these all. Going from the concern of this phenomenon, Festival  Film Dokumenter felt the urge to give facilities to a dialogue openness, using space as a medium to share knowledge between each individual and organizations in the struggle for disability rights groups.

This programm will be divided to two parts that opened with exhibition of two VR films Notes on Blindness by Peter Middleton & James Spinney and In My Shoes: Dancing With Myself, and Presentation and Interactive Performance from the documentary VR film maker In My Shoes: Dancing With Myself, Jane Gauntlett, on November 23rd in Melting Pot Cafe 16.00 – 21.00 Western-Indonesia Standard Time. Wrapped in light discussion about disabilities, visit programm that will be open for public will talk about advocation activity that done by Jane Gauntlet. VR medium as advocation facility hopefully would become implementation of watching experience with different perspective; how combination of cinema, theater, and technology in VR medium translated story, inviting us to have more empathy towards disabilities issues.


Visitor in this discussion later can try VR equipments that is presenting  film In My Shoes: Dancing With Myself which story that contains about Jane, the filmmaker, from her perspective who suffering neurological disorders. The montage of the film puts us in continuous attack of experience in Jane’s point of view, that makes us feel like having no controls over thoughts, words, and what is she want to do or has to do. This Story of main character’s perspective will bring us to the minds that full of surrealism, shame, and affection – creating theatrical experience that sucks out our empathy in a long 13 minutes of the film.

Other than the event that will be held on November 23rd, Virtual Reality programm  that becomes firstly brought in this year of Festival Film Dokumenter is exhibition and interaction event of both films told above that will be held on the D-Day of Festival Film Dokumenter 15 | Displacement (December 7th-10th 2016) located in Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta. [Dwiki Aprinaldi/Ellyta Rahmayandi]

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