15th Festival Film Dokumenter Opened, Reflection on ‘Displacement’ has Begun

Pembukaan Festival Film Dokumenter 15 Displacement, Rabu (7/12), @ Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

15th Festival Film Dokumenter has finally opened on December 7, 2016. Took place at Societet Building Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, this annual event that implemented since 2002 was running smoothly along with Yogyakarta’s bright weather. Through the title of Displacement, FFD as the oldest documentary festival in Southeast Asia is going to uncover various process of displacement in our life’s space and time, with still critical towards power relation that existed. To understand more about the theme, the opening night was filled by I Remember film screening.

I Remember told us about Roboski citizen that ilegally running commercial activity. A film by Seilm Yildiz as the director was showed how the death is actually so close with their life, even until a century since the borderline in demarcation. This Turkish film with 38 minutes of duration was becoming one of the film that responded on Displacement title summarized on Perspektif program.

Inovatinng from the previous years, this time FFD is presenting competition program by opened an opportunity for documentary film from abroad. The competition contains of long documentary, short documentary, and student documentary. “This year, the number of submitted films in the Competition Program is increased from previous years,” said Greg Arya as FFD 15 festival director. With the total of 151 submitted films: 53 submissions of Long Documentary category; 87 submissions of Short Documentary category; and 11 submissions of Student Documentary, internal curating process leaving 22 finalist with the details: 7 finalists from Long Documentary category, 9 finalists from Short Documentary category, and 6 finalists from Student Documentary.

Not only the competition program, there are still 4 programs remained that will take part on this year festival, they are: Film Screening (Perspektif and Spektrum), Parsial, Education (School Docs & Masterclass), and Discussion. “These programs are designed for giving attractive experience about a discourse and giving experience more that watching a film,” said Fransiscus Apriwan as the program coordinator of FFD 15. Perpektif program is trying to responds Displacement as a title of this year FFD, Spektrum designed by FFD to presents variety of documentary films in the world. Meanwhile, Parsial program presents to give space for fellow institutions and organization to collaborating through program curation that agreed together — not only about documentary films and archives, but also cross-medium and supporting each other’s visions. These will be elaborated in 5 sub-programs: Virtual Realitu (VR). Asian Docs, Focus Japan, SEADOc, and Docu Française. Whilst discussion program would be having 3 different topics: Experiencing Sensory Ethnography Film, What They Talk When They Talk About Girl, and Displacement and Stratagem.

No less than 200 visitors was took participation to enliven the opening night of this year FFD. Some figures that familiar in cinema field is also presented such as Ismain Basbeth, FX Harsono, John Appel, BW Purbanegara, Ranjan Palit, etc. FFD 15 will be held until December 10, 2016. More info and full schedule can be accessed in the website ffd.or.id. [Valentina Nita / Ellyta Rahmayandi]


Pembukaan Festival Film Dokumenter 15 Displacement, Rabu (7/12), @ Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

Pembukaan Festival Film Dokumenter 15 Displacement, Rabu (7/12), @ Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

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