Frequently Asked Questions


What is FFD stands for?

FFD is an acronym from Festival Film Dokumenter. FFD also an acronym from Forum Film Dokumenter, an organization that organize Festival Film Dokumenter. Further info about FFD please take a look at this page.

When will FFD be held?

In every year, FFD usually will be held on second week of December . This year, FFD will be held on December 5-12, 2018.

Where FFD’s venue will take place?

FFD 2018 will be held in 3 venues:

  1. Societeit Militair, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta | See map
  2. Amphitheatre, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta | See map
  3. IFI/LIP Yogyakarta Auditorium | See map

How to access FFD’s catalog?

FFD’s catalog can be accessed on every frontdesk in each venue. To get the festival catalog (limited), the visitor will be charged, you can take confirmation on the front desk right away.


Is watching the film in the festival will be charged?

Generally, watching film screening in Festival Film Dokumenter is free. If there are screening that requiring charge, we will be giving information and the detail about the films.

How to get the tickets?

The visitor can get the tickets on the venue after fill the attendance list provided.

How to access information about the films and screening venues?

For information, you can access it at Festival Schedule. In the listed schedule, there will be link that leads you to the detail of the information. If you found any differences about festival schedule, then the rightest reference to use is that listed in schedule page.

How is rating system that applied in FFD?

The following is rating code that applied and the explanation:

PG: Parental Guide . Audience below 15 years old is expected to be with parents/adult
15+: For 15 years old and above. Audience below 15 years old must be with parents/adult assistance.
21+: For 21 years old and above. Must show legal identity.

Are there any regulations about film screening the visitors have to understand?

Yes, so that the screening will be running smoothly. They are:

  1. All the film screening in the festival is open for public and free from any charge.
  2. The audience is expected to select the film with the appropriate rating.
  3. The door will be opened 15 minutes before the film started and will be closed after 10 minutes into the film. More than that, the festival team is having full rights to not allow you to enter the screening room.
  4. Before entering the screening room, every visitors must fill the attendance list that provided on the frontdesk honestly.
  5. For the r21+ rated films, the prospective audience have to show his/her legal identity to confirm the age.
  6. The audience have to keep quiet during the screening.
  7. The audience must set their phone in silent mode or deactivated any devices they have.
  8. The audience is prohibited to take picture by any media in the screening room.
  9. The audience is prohibited to bring in any food or beverage.
  10. The audience is expected to keep the screening room clean by not leaving any form of droppings.
  11. The audience have to keep the security of their belongings. Any form of losing things or materials in screening venues are not festival team’s responsibility.


Is FFD providing festival merchandise?

Yes, of course. In every year, we provided various merchandise that can be bought by the visitors.

How to get to access of festival merchandise?

The visitors that want to buy can get it on the Societeit Militaire, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta venue. The information about merchandises’s forms and prices can be accessed in the FFD’s instagram.