What do people do in a day. What do people face in a day. What is revealed in serendipity of a day. In these three short films, activities that seem ordinary, not much to be noticed at a glance by outsiders, are captured in a way that change its ordinariness into something beguiling. What at first perceived to be subjects revealed itself to be decoys. The true subjects hidden beneath, after the series of audiovisual build itself into simple, yet satisfying conclusions, that probably will make you go “oh” by the end of it. In Dialogue(s) (Phillippe David Gagné, 2016), glimpses of seemingly unrelated activities are shown to the audiences, the lack of everything (even color) other than these individuals speaking to each other grab the focus to what is present, which seems banal but not exactly. Still in black and white like the previous film, Stone Makers (Jean-Marc E. Roy, 2016) presents us with scenes from an activity, in arrangements that pike to crescendo, playing with tempo of cuts and natural back sound. Nowhere Land (Rosie Bonnie Ammaaq, 2015), meanwhile, brings us not only to a day, but also the day after, and the day after, and the day after, in the monotonous solitude of living in what seemingly a nowhere.


Curated by Alia Damaihati and co-curated by Ukky Satya Nugrahani

  • FFD 2017 | Dialogue(s)
  • FFD 2017 | Nowhere Land
    Nowhere Land
  • FFD 2017 | Stone Makers
    Stone Makers

*This program is a collaborative program between Festival Film Dokumenter and National Film Board of Canada.

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