Der Grenzgänger | The Border Crosser

5 Islands / 5 Villages

FFD 2017 | Der Grenzgänger | The Frontier Worker
Perimeter powered with electricity and a past big river separates a small village in the south of Germany, with its one hundreds inhabitants, from the world. After German reunification, the headman decided to build a rather big office complex to accommodate more or less one thousand people. After few years, that complex was closed and for a long time it was abandoned. And recently, around 700 refugees from Middle East came to that place and used it as a temporary shelter. Nowadays, those refugees already left the place and that village. The headman, 74 y.o. by the time this film is shot, worried about the fate of that village, and he also wondered about what would happen to its inhabitants in the future.
Andrianus Oetjoe Merdhi201722 min.Indonesia, Germany
RatingScreening Schedule
PGSunday, December 10th, 2017 | Societet TBY | 19:00
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