In Competition | Feature-Length Documentary

An elderly Palestinian couple in a final standoff with the Israeli authorities to mantain their lifestyle in Roshmia; the last natural valley in Haifa. Yousef and his wife Amna, who originally descensts from the Gypsies of Palestine, have lived in a shack all alone in their eighties since 1956 in what seems to be a life of serenity; far away from the loudness of modern life. Life remains peaceful in Roshmia until the Israeli authorities endorse a new road project and order to confiscate their land, demolish the shack and throw the mout. A friend of the couple tries to secure a compensation from the municipality but the shack is Yousef’s home that he insists on keeping; living in bliss and comfort as ever, however the negotiations continue and tension grows among the three.
Salim Abu Jabal201570 minutesPalestine, Qatar, Lebanon, UAE, SyriaBoujabel Productions
RatingScreening Schedule
PGDecember 10th, 2016 | Societet Militaire | 2.30 pm
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