Metal in Egypt

FFD 2017 | Metal in Egypt
Metal musicians in Egypt have been stigmatized and persecuted since more than twenty years. First by the government, then by social verdicts. They were prevented to play live, to record or even play in studios, they were labelled “Satanists”, they had their equipment confiscated, and any perspective to live as a musician. They were imprisoned. The reality for metal musicians in Egypt has been a permanent revolution. To the resounding sonorities of double pedals, guitar riffs and growls. They tell their story in a blunt, yet intimate way. In an intrinsic way, they offer every aspect of their reality – and what it might be in the future. This documentary is to give them a voice.
Luca Tommasini & Ralph Kronauer201760 min.Egypt, Italy
RatingScreening Schedule
15+Sunday, December 10th, 2017 | Amphiteater TBY | 19:00
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