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5 Islands / 5 Villages

FFD 2017 | Hantu Mekanis | Mechanical Ghost
Mass media depicts Germany as a country famous with its figures, politics, sport icons and territorial order. But, that’s not entirely true, at least in some areas outside of Germany metropolitan cities. One of them is Welzow, a small village in east side of Germany surrounded by private mining. Its inhabitants look grey, some accept that condition and some have a big ambition to fight against it. Their small number drives them to keep their manner in order not to make such condition worse because it actually tends to precipitate an open conflict among themselves. Their social life becomes apparent. With this condition as the starting point, without aiming to make the injustice as the focus for audience, this film chooses to fathom the happiness of Welzow people. The personal happiness they felt in the past and how they imagine of another happiness that each of them would find in the future.
Tunggul Banjaransari201718 min.Indonesia, Germany
RatingScreening Schedule
PGSunday, December 10th, 2017 | Societet TBY | 19:00
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