Cuba’s Blind Baseball

Reed Lindsay
Ed Augustin
2 min.
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Perhaps no sport requires 20-20 vision as much as baseball. In Cuba, the blind are not only playing the sport – they’re  winning. Baseball for the blind has existed for years in the United States and Italy. The balls are embedded with bells that allow batters and fielders to identify their location and movement and coaches clap near the  bases to guide the runners. The sport was only recently introduced in Cuba, but in this baseball-crazed nation, it has caught on like wildfire among the blind population, and the national team recently won an international tournament in France.

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Feeling of Reality| Interactive Documentary
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6 - 11 Desember 2018 | 01.00 pm - 04.30 pm, 06.30 pm - 08.30 pm
Ruang Galeri, TBY