The Ballads of Cinema Lovers

FFD 2017 | Balada Bala Sinema
Cinema Lovers Community (CLC) Purbalingga, established by Bowo Leksono in 2006, has so far generated a number of young filmmakers with a lot of national-level achievements. Moreover, CLC Purbalingga has been consistently and independently holding the Purbalingga Film Festival, presenting a “Celebration” of Film Festival amidst society, holding the open-air cinema in many villages in Banyumas Raya. Purbalingga is so far away from the luxurious, cutting-edge theaters and the frenetic film industry of the Capital; yet, there is where the zest to present the best for Indonesian cinema keeps alive and propagating. This is a documentary about their passion, militancy, and simplicity – The Ballads of Cinema Lovers.
Yuda Kurniawan2017118 min.Indonesia
RatingScreening & Discussion Schedule
15+Thursday, December 14th, 2017 | Societet TBY | 19:00 | Q&A
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