Film Review: The Village’s Bid for UFO

Takuro Kotaka | 25 menit | Jepang | 2017 | PG

Conception about Post-Truth that offered in “The Village’s Bid for UFO” opened with claims about truth and the existence of UFO (Unindentified Flying Object) in Suzu, a small village with nature beautiful scenery and its blue sea. But it is not the greatest thing that come from this village. Almost all of the people there admitted that they’ve seen UFO at least once. The film begin with three housewife that each of them brings a thing related to the UFO, the truth claim increasingly excluded through things that claimed right having a relation with the unidentificated object. Until with the evidence that the UFO and human can have a mutualism symbiosis through the positive act of elementary school students which is giving the safety message to the sky addressed to the UFO.

Absurd? Of course no!. Steve Tesich – a script writer, in his essay in The Nation magazine 1992, written that, “we, as a free people, is also free to decide what is we want to live Post-Truth world.” The conclusion and personal or collective interpretion that is in line with each desire and believe is also can be happened in this era, and Kotaka, the director of this film is smartly able to giving out examples about the claim. Through the series of interview, native people’s long shot performative art, up to testimony about denial of the UFO’s existence from a party that excluded by people around there.

What more scary is if we reflecting ourself after watched “The Village’s Bid for UFO,” Nascistic smell that can be seen through series of claims from the natives, in Grayling’s perspective was about the drowning of fact by the loudness of the sound of message deliverer. When everyome cam publishing their own opinion and accentuate their personal intrepetaition towards the opinion instead of the fact that makes this opinion be the rightest fact, what happened after that is each groups can also doing claim and done something bad to show people that their pont of view is the most right. Through the smalles example: excluded the people that claimed there’s no such thing as UFO in this world

Commodification of claim of UF existence is becoming more mature through Nagae’s statement, a interviewees in this film from UFO promotional office of Suzu town hall. He admitted that the calling ritual of UFO and Mega UFO will be able to revitalize economics aspect of the city, realized by mass ritual to call Mega UFO in the end of the film.

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