Film Review: Ruru Radio of Rock Tour Serial 2

Ruru Radio of Rock Tour Serial 2

A story about a series of inter-city, inter-island tour by the band of Efek Rumah Kaca, White Shoes & The Couples Company, Goodnight Electric, Sangkakala, and othe more, presented by Henry Foundation in Ruang Rupa Radio of Rock Tour Serial 2 (2017). The Tour that has been held in 4 cities; Purwokerto, Malang, Surabaya, and Denpasar, giving new experience for the elements that is involved in successing the event. 58 minutes long full of old name in alternative music scene, concert recording that is not offering anything except happiness, up to the anxiety that they feel behind the hype of the concert.

How come? The initiator of this tour is the figures that had been in Indonesia alternative music scene since the beginning of 2000s, and need time until more than a scade for them to hold this event. Anxiety in their eyes are in the form of boringness. The boringness because of their music that is having physical limit so it trapped stuck in a circumstance, same venue, same song, and same audience. Then, this series of tour is a novelty that they need to bring their music moving forward. With new format of the tour that is bringing their music in front of the also-new audience.

As a result, the audience is also presented of the reality taht rockstar is also human. Using potluck footages that recorded their daily activity in the journey succeed in showing the other side of the musician. They are not only who are the audience look in the stage, because they are same with other ordinary human offstage, with jokes, half-drunk talk, and their interaction with the audience instage and offstage.

Added with pithy commentaries from Cholil Mahmud up to Aprilia Sari about their enxiety over Indonesa music industry. How the public power o choose ther music taste is being robbed all this time, impacted the public and the musician themselves. Because, taste is about politics, class, and economy power combat. It is a tool to dominate. Then, this tour is actually a statement from people inside it to get into the combat. With friendship network that built slowly, they are trying to give an alternative for Indonesia music industry. Presenting tight scene, interesting, funny, with reciprocal human interaction inside and alcohol here and there. Concert snippets that contained songs from Efek Rumah Kaca, Sangkakala, up to Silampukau make this film becoming new experience on seeing Indonesia music industy. that, industrialization has caused uncomfortability, and there are groups of individual that is determined to change the current circumstance through Ruru Radio of Rock Tour Serial 2.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 | Amphitheatre TBY | 19:00

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