Film Review: Paisaje Para Una Persona

Florencia Levy | 8 menit | Argentina | 2016 | PG

Land and human is a confusing relation. In one side, they are supporting each other, yet in another both negates each other. Paesaje Para Una Persona (Landscape For A Person), presented us romance between human and land, served through subject speech. The speech was not only picturing something that human done towards the lan, but also vice versa. As if, the land had done something towards humans.

In 8 (eight) minutes, the audiences are invited to catch several details in audio and visual medium. This to mediums simultaneously showed different events that was filling each other. Sometimes, the audio became the explanation of the visual, and sometimes the visual was descripted the audio. This alignment method used bt Levy to provoke proximity betwenn the audiences and the film through metphores that came into their mind.

although those metaphores were subjective, Levy was still trying to build synchronization of thinking through visual approach model from Paesaje Para Una Persona. Levy chose Google Map’s street viewing as the film’s visual approach. This style positioned the audience as if they in the middle of observing or hearing the event as superior subject, or inferior.

“We hope that images means something,” is an opening sentence from someone, judging from the language was from South America. This sentence escorted the audience to start the feeling of conflicts that occured between land and human. From terrifying condition of someone who become hunting target because of away from homeland, claim over air space based on conflict that occured in land, up to a wish to go back to homeland.

The romantic relation between land and human was not always in imaginary form full of funniness, but also in war frame that is full of bitterness, confusing, and terrifying. Like the first event that used gunshot as the mark of one act. This event then invited us to feel the terrifying condition in aircraft shooting tragedy.

In some quiet settlement with unpaved roads, suddenly being heard a report from someone who has succeeded in shooting the plane, then followed by evacuation report of the victims, from unexplained region. When the audiences’ eyes were busy looking at every corner of residential cities in Rusia, France, and etc, their mind was  brought to a terrifying atmosphere, when Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 with flight number MH17 departed from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur (July 2014) was being shot. Depiction through audio and visual medium gave us a picture about how the conflict between Pro-Russia Separatist and pro-Kiev military caused the death of all 298 passengers and MH17 crews.

Unconsciously, the first event was inviting the audience to re-questioning about the power owned by the land towards air and all the way. In another case, that question developed on land case that present to dominate human’s image until it became the basis of creating the law

This film presenting Levy’s foresight in discovering basic thing which was building the relation between land and human. Levy was also knew that the relation between them only can be seen through conflict, either involving themselves or other parties. This film is not trying to build the image or ideal imagination about the relation between land and human. Rejection, longing, and death become a romantic title story of land and human.

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