Film Review: Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship | Koldo Almandoz | 67 min | Spain | 2016

Cruiser is identic with luxurious lifestyle and entertainment for the bourgeois in every country. The journey of a cruiser presents so much momentums about phenomenon that becomes turning point of a history. Is becoming an intersting reflection when seeing cruise’s life in the context that in reality does not have any common thread. Such as between ship, stories about ship, sinked ship, love, film, ghost, even vampire. Repeatedly symbols shown that wrapped in 9 charts with the title of Sipo Phantasma or Ghost Ship.

Ship is becoming the most general object at once becoming the most visible wrap in the series of stories of Ghost Ship and Further break down on the ideas about a ship is decanted in every charts, even though contrast, yet still can be on behalf of ship as the main idea. Several charts are talking about stories about ships that consumed by many people. Until finally we can admitted that creative works that tell us about people’s life in a ship become best selling works,  just call Titanic, a novel titled Dracula by Bram Stoker, or Nosferatu that adapted from Dracula.

As idle, as painted ship, on a painted ocean,” becomes a title on presented symbols in the first part. The audiences are invited to read cruiser’s life through selected symbols that bringing means about representation of cruiser’s live that impressed as ‘dirty,’ full of hedonism activities. Those all are free to be elaborated because everything is so implicit, by bringing a very limited meaning if considered expressly. Ship is used as an entertainment tool and luxurious lifestyle is actually having historical story. The narration about the functional shift is then making Ghost Ship can give so much description and reference about cruiser’s life.

Contrasted with the previous chart, darkness, creaking wood, roar of waves become the continuation for the second chart. In this chart, the audiences are invited to undestand several pieces of the narration from Dracula. The selected narration is bringing the audiences into fantasy about fear, darkness, and worried feeling when lived in a ship. This fear is represented by ship story by Demeter taken from Count Dracula.

Something Supposedly Amusing, the 3rd chart that is giving historical reality about ship function as one of the entertainment facility and pleasure. Hedonism activity potraits of cruiser become the symbols that dominated this chart. This would be back on what had been discussed in previous chart. As if then we should conclude that the reality of life on a ship that looks fun is actually so ephemeral.

Starting from 4th chart, we’re brought to the core about what is ‘Ghost Ship’. The used three premises are about Dracula novel, Nosferatu film, and the disappearance of Lyubov Orlova ship. The horror of the ship is started when Bram Stoker, the writer of Dracula was experiencing hard times so he was able to write the story in Dracula. Jump in to the next to the event of Lyubov Orlova, a misterious ship that announced missing years ago dan believed to contains cannibal rats that spreading disease. Lyubov Orlova is being the real representation from what had been showed in Nosferatu, about the existence of misterious ship with the crew that one by one disappeared due to fears by the figure of dracula.

Outside of the purpose to invites the audiences to understand about the symbols and objectification about the existence of the shie. The audiences are invied to reminisce the film of Nosferatu. Several cuts from Nosferatu are showed, this film became the turning point of the horror film with F. W. Murnau as the director that deserve to be remembered. This is certaintly very different to the contemporary horror films nowadays, Nosferatu is full of scenes that might now be considered absurd and far from terrible. Dramatiazation and exaggerate gestures are common things because Nosferatu is mute film, it’s intented so that the audiences can catch the meaning and feeling of the scenes even without the dialogue.

In the end of the story, Ghost Ship is presenting an interesting issue to be pulled with nowadays digitalization. The end of the chart lifted Nosferatu’s problem of copyright. Based on online review, Nosferatu is considered copying Dracula novel without the writer’s permition. This was causing Florence, the writer’s wife requested the files of Nosferatu to be destroyed. This situation became a thing that must be observed by the filmmaker, about the stealing of idea and copyright. Even in another field, the challenge of originality and plagiarism is becoming crucial things in digital era.

Ghost Ship in giving a historical discourse and description about life on a shipe, not only from a mere transportation, but also about it’s historical value as vital object from long time ago. The audiences are be remembered and be re-informed about big momets in ship history, horror novel, and horror film that in the end could be a common thread and and reflection on life in this era. [Valentina Nita/Ellyta Rahmayandi]

Koldo Almandoz | 67 min | Spanyol | 2016

10 Desember 2016 | Societet Militaire | 10:00

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