Programmer Recommendation: Irfan R. Darajat


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Irfan R, Darajat is the programmer of FFD 2018 for “Perspektif” and “DocSound” programs. For now, Irfan is a member of LARAS research group: Music Studies in Society, and a freelance writer.


The following are Irfan’s film recommendations that you can watch at Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) 2018:

FFD2018 | Film | Fondata sul lavoro


Agnese Cornelio | 70 min | Belanda, Italia | 2018 | PG

December 9th, 2018 | IFI-LIP Auditorium | 7.00 p.m. | Q & A


Through an unusual approach, this film traces how work – as an activity in life – can leave visible traces across the body and human memory.


FFD 2018 | Film | Waterland


Hsu Yen-ting | 13 min | Taiwan | 2018 | PG

December 6th-11th, 2018 | Ruang EPSON | 2.00 – 8.30 p.m.


Sound is the basic foundation of this film. The sound of ocean waves, life around the coast, and human conversations in it gives an experience of enjoying a different documentary presentation.


FFD2018 | Film | Dreamaway


Marouan Omara, Johanna Domke | 86 min | Jerman, Mesir | 2018 | 15+

December 8th, 2018 | Auditorium IFI-LIP | 8.00 p.m.


During this time work is always attached to routine and necessity. This makes another fact that there are some people who only need to be present at work, without actually doing a job. What will a group of workers do in a luxury hotel that is no longer visited by tourists?