Fragments from Heaven (2022): What are We Searching for?

— Film Review
FFD 2023

Through the tale of the search through the Moroccan desert for fragments of a meteorite, Fragments of Heaven (Adnane Baraka, 2022) paints a picture of human nature, our differing motivations, and the miseries we face in our boundless search for something beyond. The film mainly focuses on Mohamed, a nomad, and Abderrahmane, a scientist, both on a mission for the meteorite fragments. The film’s depth is in depicting these characters’ vastly different motivations and situations they find themselves in and in understanding how they are bound together through the seemingly endless search.

Mohamed and Abderrahmane come from broadly differing backgrounds: Mohamed and his family live in a tent and travel the vast Moroccan desert. Blighted by global warming, with the sun blinding, the desert is truly unforgiving. His life is one of economic uncertainty, and with his livelihood on the line, his search is guided by God, his fearfulness directed by faith.


“What are we searching for in this never ending journey… If not for everything and nothing”


Abderrahmane, on the other hand, teaches in the comforts of the city, studying the delicate stones in his laboratory. Feeling like he might have a game-changing discovery, he goes the distance in searching for the fragments in the name of science. Yet, they are bound together.

“Those who found it want more.” are also undertones of those who are driven by greed. It is never ending. Fragments of Heaven (2022) is reflective in a sense of how we are all seemingly intertwined in this search in our lives for more than what he have, more than what we know, regardless of our motivations and what guides us in our goals. Thematically, the film also serves as a reminder. Through the isolated narrations of Mohamed’s inner thoughts, we intimately see that it is not only he who wanders, but his mind wanders too. Although he is unwavering in his quest, self-doubt soon creeps in.

The explorative, existential line of questioning the film serves us through Mohamed’s narration leads us on a journey in the desert of our own mindful wonder: Baraka’s shots of the seemingly boundless desert, as vast and beautiful as it is, and the scenes of isolation of those who travel through it, presents multi-layered imagery of how we often can feel remoteness in our own heads, losing ourselves, straying from our own paths beyond a physical sense.

Reflect on your own journey through Fragments of Heaven (2022) as part of the Utopia/Dystopia Festival Film Dokumenter 2023. (Aradi Ghalizha) (Vanis)


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Fragments from Heaven
Adnane Baraka | 84 Min | 2022 | Morocco, French | Color | 17+

Jadwal Tayang
12.06 | Auditorium IFI-LIP | 20.30 WIB