Broken Whispers (2023): The War and Everything Left Behind

— Film Review
FFD 2023

All that could only ever be born from wars is nothing but scars.

As a documentary, Broken Whispers (Amir Athar Soheili, Amir Masoud Soheili; 2023), weaved stories full of life and art as a whole. It focuses on a gray-haired artist who is simultaneously a teacher, growing tired of his artistic journey, beaten down after surviving 12 years of Syrian war, and trying to piece back together remains of art from the ruins of war. Using tales of Old Syrian Gods as an example, the journey of the gray-haired artist is akin to the journey of Baal (God worshiped in many ancient Middle Eastern communities, especially among the Canaanites), Broken Whispers (2023) roams the city of Muhradah to unearth art among city ruins.

The gray-haired artist roamed through Muhradah, collecting broken musical instruments that were left behind. With his artistry and craftsmanship, he managed to restore and breathe life back into those musical instruments. He also paints the musical instruments in an effort to make it look alive. Afterwards, students of his would help him roam the city to find musicians that could tune the instruments back. As Broken Whispers (2023) invites us on its journey to find musicians, it also serves stories of the residents of Muhradah, lodged on their weariness and frustrations on staying alive.

Aside from the restoration of musical instruments, Broken Whispers (2023) also showed us the effort to ignite the fire of life back into the city of Muhradah. Broken Whispers (2023) is selected in International Feature-Length Competition Festival Film Dokumenter 2023. (bonivasios dwi) (Vanis/Adinta)

Film Details
Broken Whispers
Amir Athar Soheili, Amir Masoud Soheili | 63 Min | 2023 | Iran, Syria | Color & BW | 17+

Screening Schedule
12.05 | Auditorium IFI-LIP | 17.00 WIB
12.07 | Bioskop Sonobudoyo | 19.00 WIB