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Fifteen years exhibiting thousands of films to its loyal audiences, Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) Yogyakarta in its 16th celebration would like to expand its range of programs. Films’ production and distribution are two elements that keep the climate of cinema warm, yet still more is required. One element that today’s cinema acutely needs is film literacy, specifically in the development of its film appreciation capacity. The increase number of people observing and learning the audiovisual presentation they consume daily is necessary. Critic without production is a mere pipe dream, production without critic is a but bad dream.  A parallel progress of the two is a must.

Setting forth that notion, FFD together with Cinema Poetica organize a program called FFD Film Critic Workshop 2017, an intensive collaborative learning space held in parallel of the Festival. From the call for participants in 25 October to 10 November 2017, 40 applicants are registered from various part of Indonesia, with their different insight on film, and on writing.

During the administrative selection, facilitators found several of the applicants already had a very developed set of skills in film critic, to which the workshop probably wouldn’t have anything more to contribute in their further developments, which prompts to the decision to not include these individuals in the workshop. For first and foremost, the workshop is not about finding the best applicants, but a learning place for those with the interest in film critic, a well-guided grasp in writing, and a need for polishing in their writing technique and film knowledge.

Based on said criteria, we enlisted 8 applicants to join the workshop in 5 full days, expanding from 10-14 December 2017. The writings from the workshop will be published in the websites of Cinema Poetica and FFD.

Participants of FFD Film Critic Workshop 2017
ARI BAGUS PANUNTUN (Yogyakarta, 23 years old)
CATRA NANDIWARDHANA (Jakarta, 26 years old)
INNAS TSUROIYA (Yogyakarta, 20 years old)
MUHAMMAD IQBAL (Bandung, 21 years old)
OLEN SADDHA (Solo, 21 years old)
PUTRI YUNI UTAMI  (Yogyakarta, 26 tahun)
RENO SURYA (Surabaya, 21 tahun)
RIDHO FASABILAH (Sumbawa, 20 tahun)

Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu (Cinema Poetica)
Ayu Diah Cempaka (FFD Yogyakarta)
Oktaria Asmarani (FFD Yogyakarta)

Guest Speaker
Akbar Yumni (Forum Lenteng)
Thomas Barker (Film scholar, University of Nottingham Malaysia)

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