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Competition program has been one of the fundamental agendas of Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD). This program is devoted to the films that successfully capture actual issues as well as convey critical perspective to it.

A total of 286 documentary films were received this year, 26 of which were selected to be featured in the competition. The selected films were classified into several categories: Indonesian Feature-length Documentary category, International Feature-length Documentary category, Short Documentary category,  and Student Documentary category.

Four main awards await the best documentary film from each category. The awarding ceremony will be held on 7th December 2019, along with the festival’s closing ceremony.

Jury Members

Juri FFD 2019 - Fransiska Prihadi

Fransiska Prihadi

Fransiska Prihadi is an architect. She built an art-house cinema as well as a residential house for public and artists in Denpasar. She works as the program director of Minikino dan Minikino Film Week-long Bali International Film Festival sejak tahun 2015. She is experienced as a jury for Australia-Indonesia Centre ReelOzInd! Short Film competition 2017-2019, International section competition of the 22nd Thai Short Film & Video (2018), East Asian Experimental Film Competition 33rd Image Forum Festival, Tokyo (2019), and also the Selection committee for SEA Shorts Malaysia 2017-2018. She is currently finishing her master degree in tourism at Universitas Udayana with a research on Short Film Festival.

Juri FFD 2019 - ST Kartono

ST Kartono

St. Kartono is a teacher at SMA Kolese De Britto, Yogyakarta. He graduated as the Master of Applied Linguistics from Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. He also owned a Bachelor Degree from the Department of Indonesian, Local Language and Literature, Faculty of Teacher & Training Education, Universitas Sanata Dharma. As a columnist, he has published more than 550 articles for Harian Jogja, Bernas, Kompas, Kedaulatan Rakyat, Majalah BASIS, etc. He also has written 12 books, such as, Sekolah Impian (2019), Menulis Bersama Murid (2015), Menjadi Guru Untuk Muridku (2011), Menulis Tanpa Rasa Takut (2009), Sekolah Bukanlah PASAR (2009), Menabur Benih Keteladanan (2001), Menebus Pendidikan Yang Tergadai (2002), Reformasi Pendidikan (2003), etc. Moreover, he has as well been a keynote speaker for more than 630 forum.

Aditya Ahmad

Aditya Ahmad is a young Indonesian filmmaker who was born in 1989. As an alumnus of Institut Kesenian Makassar, he has directed two short films, Sepatu Baru (2014) and Kado (2018). His films has been screened in local and international film festival, such as, Balinale, Melbourne International Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival as well as Sundance.

Tambang Pasir
Tambang Pasir
Sekar Ayu Kinanti
15 min.
Pasur (Pasar Sepur)
Pasur (Pasar Sepur)
Sarah Salsabila Shafiyah
13 min.
Orang-Orang Tionghoa
Orang-Orang Tionghoa
Icha Feby Nur Futikha
11 min.
Diva Suukyi Larasati
3 min.
Farchany Nashrulloh
9 min.
Ngalih Pejalai Antu – Ritual Dayak Iban
Ngalih Pejalai Antu - Ritual Dayak Iban
Kynan Tegar
6 min.