Tribute to Abduh

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On June 2019, Indonesia lost a figure in film industry known not only in this specific field but also wider within art and cultural communities. Abduh Aziz was remembered for his thoughts on film as the product of art and culture, translated through his activism and advocacy.

In this year’s Lanskap, FFD aims to recollect Abduh Aziz’ contributions in film industry and Indonesia’s social-political scene through the films he oversaw as producer, director, or writer.

Aryo Danusiri
40 min.
Tjidurian 19
Tjidurian 19
Lasja F. Susatyo
M. Abduh Aziz
41 min.
Banda: The Dark Forgotten Trail
Banda: The Dark Forgotten Trail
Jay Subiyakto
94 min.
Di Atas Rel Mati
Di Atas Rel Mati
Welldy Handoko
Nur Fitriah
16 min.


Documentary and Art Ecosystem in Indonesia

One of the key characteristics of Abduh Aziz was his persistence in networking. Through the network he built, Abduh promoted his ideas about film as a product of art and culture. This discussion wishes to observe documentary and the art ecosystem in Indonesia through Abduh’s activism and advocacy. Film is the product of art, meanwhile documentary film holds a unique reputation in the content it delivers.  How does documentary combine aesthetic and ingenuity in capturing the essence of humanity along with its many aspects? Where does documentary stand within the art ecosystem in Indonesia and how does one find meaning in this?

In this talk session, Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) invites Aryo Danusiri and Lasja F. Susatyo as key-speakers. Both of them had experiences working with Abduh Aziz, likely have had many intense discussions with him. Aryo Danusiri and Lasja F. Susatyo are also actively involved in the film industry, allowing them to gather years of insights from working in the ecosystem.

Through this discussion, it is seen as necessary for a dialogue be held among practitioners, observers, film and art enthusiasts, about how Abduh’s ideas on film, art, and their ecosystem will always be relevant. How, we, together along with the next generations, can keep on contributing following Abduh Aziz’s footsteps.

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  • Lasja F Susatyo (filmmaker)
  • Aryo Danusiri (filmmaker, researcher of Harvard University)


  • Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu


  • December 6th, 2019
  • Auditorium IFI-LIP
  • 03.00 pm