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Competition program has been one of the fundamental agendas of Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD). This program is devoted to the films that successfully capture actual issues as well as convey critical perspective to it.

A total of 286 documentary films were received this year, 26 of which were selected to be featured in the competition. The selected films were classified into several categories: Indonesian Feature-length Documentary category, International Feature-length Documentary category, Short Documentary category,  and Student Documentary category.

Four main awards await the best documentary film from each category. The awarding ceremony will be held on 7th December 2019, along with the festival’s closing ceremony.

Jury Members

Juri FFD 2019 - Amelia Hapsari

Amelia Hapsari

Amelia Hapsari is a documentary film director from Semarang who currently lives in Jakarta. She works as a program director at In-Docs in which she is known for her supportive role in developing Asian documentary film. In-Docs is one of the platforms that promotes a documentary series called Dare to Dream Asia, a documentary focusing on the dream and reality of Asian youth. She also teamed up Docs by the Sea; International Forum of Documentary; as well as the organizer of Good Pitch Indonesia.

Juri FFD 2019 - Shin Eun Shil

Shin Eun-Shil

Shin Eun-shil has served in numerous positions during her career, including programming film festivals, cinematheques and film critic. She Programmed at Seoul Eco Film Festival, Seoul Art Cinema (K.A.C.T.), Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival and EBS International Documentary Festival etc., she also is the co-writer for numerous publications, including “Philippe Garrel, des espoir eblouissant”, “The Korean 100 Films”, “The Independent Movie of the 21st Century”, “Busan Independent Film Directors” and “Jerzy Skolimowski”. She is currently a member of executive committee of Seoul Independent Documentary Film Festival.

Lau Kek Huat

Lau Kek-Huat

Lau Kek-Huat is a Malaysian filmmaker based in Taiwan. His short film, Nia Door, won Sonje Award as the Best Short Film in Busan International film festival. It was also selected to participate in 38th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. His feature debut, Boluomi was awarded Tokyo Talent Award 2015, Best Script Award in Taiwan Film Institute’s screenplay award 2013 and it was also selected for La Fabrique Cinema du monde. Both his documentary “Absent without leave” and “The Tree Remembers” are still facing censorship challenge in Malaysia. Lau Kek-Huat is an alumnus of Golden Horse Academy, Berlinale & Tokyo Talents.

Tonotwiyat (Hutan Perempuan)
Tonotwiyat (Hutan Perempuan)
Yulika Anastasia Indrawati
92 min.
Om Pius, “Ini rumah saya, come the sleeping”
Om Pius, "Ini rumah saya, come the sleeping"
Halaman Papua
81 min.
240BPM ++
240BPM ++
Bagas Oktariyan Ananta
51 min.