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Documentaries constantly undergo dynamic progress. New styles and expression techniques keep coming, meanwhile the boundary between fiction and documentary blurs more and more. Documentaries are no longer interpreted as mere journalistic reports. Innovations undoubtedly emerge by combining numerous elements and experimentations.

Festival Film Dokumenter 2018’s Spektrum Program is a response to these overcoming developments in the documentary sphere, a result of explorations of world’s documentary films. Not to get caught up and become full of our own thoughts, FFD looks up to several selected titles brought from other festivals around the globe, such as Cannes, CPH: DOX, and Cinema du Reel.


Spektrum presents a French artist, Nicolas Boone, who employed film as a medium to experiment with space. In Etage 39, Boone used untouchable landscapes as a background in a nonscripted experiments on a group of people. This project intentionally blurred temporal and geographic landmarks of recorded group of people through planned shots behind green screen. The green screen is filled with sceneries from different parts of the world. The people seemed to travel yet went nowhere. Experimentations with space are not only conducted by Boone in filmmaking, but also in exhibitions. Through Hillbrow recorded using a long take technique, space seemed infinite. An extension of showcase, from dark movie theatres to exhibition rooms, offers a new transformation in cinema. Space as an idea and place as a trajectory is explored through a selection of films in Spektrum.

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Thursday, December 6th, 2018 03.00 - 05.30 pm Auditorium IFI-LIP Yogyakarta


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