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As a prequel of Perspektif program theme which questioned the concept of work, this year’s Retrospective tried to highlight Harun Farocki in framing “work” through cinema. Farocki’s films invite us to look back to when industrialization was once the basis of world development. Humans, factories, machines and industrialization are the keywords in Farocki’s theme. He does not criticize the industry and humans who are like moths in it, but presents the reality of the workers with repetitions of moving images and the slime of words to cause an odd intensity effect.

The program also has discussion session. This discussion will generally trace Farocki’s thoughts by trying to find the connection between the constellation of the capital world and personal attitudes through his films. Combining footage, mechanical illustrations, and narratives often characterizes Farocki’s work. He intertwined his story through similar pictures, repeated, suddenly stopped, then returned again. This distinctive feature will also be examined in the discussion session, to inspect what had made Farocki to choose this approach.


In collaboration with Fiky Daulay, a researcher from KUNCI Cultural Studies, the Retrospektif will initiate a discussion on Harun Farocki’s films. Farocki’s builds on his cinematic approach will be a starting point for this discussion. Footage editing, mechanical illustration, and some narration are some of his special traits. He composes his story with similar images, repeated over, with sudden stops, in a loop. What are his motives behind this approach? Aside from that, Farocki also builds an ironic perspective in his argumentation.

This session will also discuss the social-political timelines that affected Farocki’s films that related to the notion of work. Then why the themes of work inspired him so much – besides war and politics? This discussion will try to delve into Farocki’s mind, by finding the connection between the capitalist world and his personal statement. Even further, this session will discuss how Farocki’s works influence contemporary cinema with Mahardika Yudha as the discussant. Mahardika Yudha was involved in a collaboration project with Harun Farocki Institut, called the PiL (Politicizing Image Ltd.) in Farocki Now: A Temporary Academy.


  • Fiky Daulay, KUNCI Cultural Studies

Discussant :

  • Mahardika Yudha, Forum Lenteng
Tanggal Pukul Lokasi
Friday, December 7th, 2018 04.30 - 06.00 pm Auditorium IFI-LIP