Film Criticism Workshop

This workshop provides training in the critical framework and the practice of incisive writing about documentary cinema, while offering immersion in the lively atmosphere of an international film festival. Participants will attend film screenings during the festival to write about the films and discuss them with mentors and fellow participants. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to attend the public lectures organized by FFD, which mainly focus on contemporary issues regarding documentary developments and film festivals in Southeast Asia and the rest of Asia.

During a two-week application period, we received more than 70 applications from Southeast Asian countries and Japan, representing various types of writers from diverse backgrounds. The submission process of this workshop revealed a little about the diversity of film criticism practices in Southeast Asia and Japan. Some applicants came from relatively well established media industries, some applicants submitted writings with an activist tone, some even came from non-film circles in which films are used for various purposes (e.g. schools, literacy movements, etc).


Chris Fujiwara

Chris Fujiwara

Chris Fujiwara, a film critic and programmer. Chris has written and edited several books on cinema and has contributed to numerous anthologies and journals. He was formerly Artistic Director of Edinburgh International Film Festival, and he has also developed film programs for Athénée Français Cultural Center (Tokyo), Jeonju International Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival, Mar del Plata Film Festival, and other institutions. He has lectured on film aesthetics and film history at Tokyo University, Yale University, Temple University, Emerson College, Rhode Island School of Design, and elsewhere. He has organized or served as a mentor for film criticism workshops at YIDFF, the Berlinale, Melbourne International Film Festival, the International Film Festival of Kerala, and Salamindanaw Asian Film Festival.

Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu

Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu

Born in Pasuruan in 1988, is the co-founder of Cinema Poetica – a collective of film critics, journalists, researchers, and activists in Indonesia. Adrian has developed film programs for several film festivals and screening spaces in Indonesia. From 2007 to 2010, he worked as the program manager of Kinoki, an alternative screening space in Yogyakarta. Since then Adrian has developed film programs for several screening spaces and film festivals, namely Festival Film Dokumenter, Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival, ARKIPEL International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival, and Singapore International Film Festival. Currently, he is researching about the historical unknowns of Indonesian cinema.


Here are the selected participants for Film Criticism Workshop 2018:

  • Jeffrey Deyto – Philippines
  • Linh Thuy Do – Vietnam
  • Permata Adinda – Indonesia
  • Risa Tokunaga – Japan
  • Satoko Tomishige – Japan
  • Talissa Febra – Indonesia
  • Vema Novitasari – Indonesia


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