Educational Institutions, Media and Society

In the era of technology and the onslaught of a massive information flow, media has been emerged as fourth education system in the whole education area, which previously is only filled by families, schools, and community. Nowadays, the role of media is very helpful in the education process. Teacher domination as the only source successfully balanced by some forms of media (one of which is a documentary film), which provides a reference source for students’ knowledge of alternative. However, these conditions have not been supported by the social construction of public culture. Cultural transformation of society -the leap from oral and written culture, that has not been established to visual culture are also audio visual- is the absolute level of intelligence that media can be used optimally.

Next to that, documentary film is the basic development of audio-visual works, beside a wide spaced for developing and spreading knowledge. Realizing the idea, the program projected to be standpoint for increasing appreciation ability in the end it will strengthen the youth and the student generation media intellectual level against global media aggression.


Teenagers – in this case high school students, are still become a focus of the Festival Film Dokumenter 2016. Besides aiming to introduce and appreciate more documentaries among students, Doc School Program also aims to provide a discourse “media literacy”. This year, we collaborate with three public high schools, which are SMAN 6 Yogyakarta (October 12th, 2016) SMAN 1 Banguntapan Bantul (October 13th, 2016), and SMAN 7 Yogyakarta (October 14th, 2016).



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