Displacement is now presented as 2016 Festival Film Dokumenter’s perspective as an effort to discuss various daily social problems existed. We live in a time where discrimination, hatred, violence, and sectarian conflict are spreading, metamorph-ing, and dissolving into many environments. This issues was born due to the development of technologies, which affect cultures, the growing global commerce, human’s reasoning and the human itself.

In physics, displacement is distance from the initial to the final position of an object. Its key points are the direction of the movement and the distance of the movement. In our everyday practice, displacement can lead to the inability to understand ‘others’, creating a boundary between ‘I’ and ‘she/him’ or “we” and “them”. This distance leads to the creation of political subordination, discrimination, and scapegoating. We would like to invite you to give meaning to our selected film and to reflect it on our reality, in an effort to understand life itself as a human.  

  • Chuck Norris vs Communism
  • Cities of Sleep
  • Covered with the Blood of Jesus
  • Demolition
  • Driving With Selvi
  • Ghost
  • I Remember
  • Notes on Blindness
  • Out & About
  • Then Then Then
  • Zach's Ceremony
  • How To Rust
  • Transit Havana
  • Toward Happy Alleys
  • On Broadway#5
  • Jakarta Unfair
  • Sosrokusuman
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