Docu Francaise

Less is More!

Less (and\or) more, reminding us what is life – at least we were always met with these two words, even when faced with the choice or the simplest thing. Exhaustion on various overwhelming things, sometimes encourages us to find a more simple things.

Stories in life; a choices, pleasure, anger, empathy and sympathy. The emergence of this perspective may change the way we live, or even seeing other’s life’s. That ‘less’ could be ‘more’, and conversely – the ‘more’ could be ‘less’.

A simple program to encourages the audience to adapt, when two short words are separated and redefined; less is more! In everyday life that we passed on and often be forgotten. At the end being simple is not necessarily easy.

  • Kamen-Les Pierres
  • Le Challat de Tunis
  • Waiting for The (T)rain
  • En déplacement
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