Sensing the Sensory Ethnographic Film


Ethnography is known as a masterpiece for anthropologist. As a depiction of a community, ethnography requires theories, methods, and ethical standard as well as procedural. In most recent development, some filmmakers try to explore new possibilities in ethnography as a multidisciplinary medium to present the experience along with the subject within observation.  

This year, Festival Film Dokumenter presents a Sensation of Sensory Ethnographic Film to appreciate yet enriching the discourse towards sensory-ethnographic film’s form. Also, the discussion could become a sharing-experience platform between filmmakers’ sensitivity in documenting events and the sensation that audience gets while watching the film.

Demolition, How to Rust, On Broadway #5, Foreign Parts, and Into the Hinterlands would be used as a film reference for this discussion. 

Aryo Danusiri (Sensory Ethnografi Lab)
Eric Sasono (Kritikus Film)

Franciscus Apriwan

December 8th, 2016 | Seminar Room, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta | 4.30 pm

What They Don’t Talk, When They Talk About Girl

Presentasi Kembang 6 Rupa

Kembang 6 Rupa is a series of short documentaries about six girls who are facing the future in their hometown. Kembang 6 Rupa is produced by Yayasan Kampung Halaman, collaborated with six directors and six girls in Indramayu, Sumedang, Kuningan, Sleman, Sumbawa and Wamena. Six girls were telling their issue of education, family, mobility, freedom of faith, employment, freedom of expression and gender justice.

At a screening and discussion in FFD, Kampung Halaman try to find out the things that had not been right when people looking and thinking about girls, things are not revealed because unconsciously or deliberately ignored.

Sri Wahyaningsih
Ismi Rinjani

Sani Widowati

Screening & Discussion Schedule
December 9th, 2016 | Seminar Room, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta | 2.30 pm

Karatagan Ciremai | Ady Mulyana | 17 Min | Kuningan
The story of Anih (15) who adopted Sunda Wiwitan as her belief and getting trouble to get a birth certificate along with other official civil documents.

Is The Grass Really Greener? | Anton Susilo  | 16 Min | Sumbawa 
When Maesarah (17) wishes for a better life for her family by working in Malaysia, she found out a sort of spider webs on departure fee which has involved her school.

Guys, Get Your Act Together !  | Michael A.C. | 9 Min | Sleman
Lala (17) and other female member’s activities in a local youth organization who hold stigma to its female member.

Weaving Dark Shadows | Arief Hartawan | 7 Min | Wamena
The struggle of Agnes (17) between work as a single parent and her dream to continue her school.

I Dream of Jakarta | Opan Rinaldi  | 14 Min | Indramayu
The frustration of Ika (16) while living on her village in Amis, Indramayu.

A Girl Outside The Box | Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni | 16 Min | Sumedang
Daily life of Pipit (16) who kept made achievements for a school that unwilling to support her dream.

Displacement and Stratagem


How much independence we have in the governance of our everyday life? Regimes come and go, but injustice is ever-presence, one of the manifestation being the oppression in the form of the demolition of settlements. The victims: the vulnerable groups in our society.  

The news of refugees from faraway countries should not distract us. Within our society, the thwarting of communities in several social spaces is remained an unresolved problem. Jakarta, this year, is a witness to more than thirty cases of demolition. Closer still, Yogyakarta faced demolition under the pretext of city restructuring. For example, the notion of demolition in Parangkusumo beach, with tourism development project in plan. Or the the international airport project that threatened the space in Kulon Progo.

The area selection is hierarchical. Those recent force relocations of the civilians is part of the political project in development, employing selective rights of whom to stay and whom to go. The discussion in Displacement and Stratagem of this year Festival Film Dokumenter, offers hopefully keen perspectives on the social phenomenon, and analyses strategies on how to best documenting said phenomenon.

Kus Sri Antoro
Sindy Febriyani (WatchDoc)

Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu

December 10th, 2016 | Seminar Room, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta | 2.30 pm

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