Commission Artwork

”Displacement” On A Stamp


Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” If what Mark Twain said is true then there are spaces in life that allows you to move and wander. This notion lives onwards and becomes a part of the why in Mark Twain’s passage, which may not be answered and unraveled. The interpretation of these spaces can vary, since in process of seeking the answer to Mark Twain’s why, one can be faced with various meanings of life.

In a light discussion in Sosrowijayan, a place to rest our shoulders, we tried to understand why one is motivated to wander. One might wander without any motivations, but one might wander with a bigger theme of soul searching. So what makes this soul searching unique? In an attempt to understand these motivations, we can agree that the source of these motivations lies in the nature of man itself.

Then Wulang Sunu translates our discussions through his fresh ideas and sketches. All the unique motivations are blended into a stamp he created. Stamp, as known to public, is commonly used to mark one’s movement to a new place, or as a tool of sending messages between places.

These values, as captured by Studio Batu, reflects the theme “Displacement”. Departures, loss, revenge, feeling unmotivated as flat as a flat tire and even success might be found in this year’s Festival Film Dokumenter. Hopefully you will enjoy the festival and may it provide you with goods for your next wander.

Kartogeni (Studio Batu)

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Studio Batu

Studio Batu is a collective multi-discipline community. Started from a highschool friendship, now we enthusiastically discuss film, visual arts, music, literature, and theater. We also aspire to create art performances, exhibition, and film screenings.

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