Discover: Community & Music Documentary

“Video Killed the Radio Star” said The Buggles repeatedly in their song 20 years ago. It is indeed a valid fact, knowing how epidemic MTV channel and video clip were at that time. Although radio was not really dead, the 80’s-90’s generation mostly surfed and identified their pop idols from video clip; a medium of moving picture which at that time became a must have promotion package for band and singer.

Nowadays, application in a smartphone is a popular device for us to access music. Now it’s not that hard to visualize song and repertoire. If a band wants to reach their audiences, all they have to do is registering their songs to such application. Therefore, the attitude towards music has changed again. “No matter where you go, your music would always be with you,” said an advertising of that music application, implying that anyone can always listen to music while they’re doing whatever activities they’re doing, it doesn’t require any attention. We don’t need a video clip, or a radio dj.

In 2017, FFD through Discover: Dokumenter Musik dan Komunitas (Community and Music Documentary) once again discuss music through medium of moving picture, especially documentary. Music Documentary itself is not a new subject, there are already countless movies focusing on bands and musicians. Through the spirit of ‘Discover’, we propose the movie Metal in Egypt (Luca Tomamasini & Ralph Kronauer, 2017) and Northern Disco Light (Ben Davis, 2016), in which the subjects create an alternative community to explore a music genre considered as new and foreign in their respective countries, for us to discuss. And also for the movie Ruang Rupa Radio of Rock Tour Serial 2 (Henry Foundation, 2017)  depicts how the journey of bands from one city to another is able to tighten the relationship of the bands involved, thus forming a new, temporary community. On the other hand, a different approach, narrated by George Clark, using soundscape and contemplative pictures of desert, A Distant Echo attempts to reconstruct the meeting of an archeologist and local community in negotiations of ancient tombs lost in the middle of desert.


Curated by Alia Damaihati, co-curated by Aditya Rizki Pratama

  • FFD 2017 | A Distant Echo
    A Distant Echo
  • FFD 2017 | Metal in Egypt
    Metal in Egypt
  • FFD 2017 | Northern Disco Lights
    Northern Disco Lights
  • Ruang Rupa Radio of Rock Tour Serial 2
    Ruang Rupa Radio of Rock Tour Serial 2
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