Review Film: Merci Patron!

Buildingg ruins in Poix-du-Nord showed the greatness of the factory that gave life to so many workers in the past. But, after the factory moved to Poland, the workers’ life became critical, many [...]

Review Film: Every Wall is A Door

A life’s memory in its own reality. Every Wall is A Door (2017) is trying to re-read the reality through relation of a children and his mom. VHS cassettes which is the mother’s relics take a role [...]

Film Review: I Want to Go Home

Through the story about Yasuo Takamatsu in looking for his wife who lost in 2011 earthquake and tsunami tragedy, Wesley Leon Aroonzoo in I Want to Go Home (2017) recorded the tragedy and loss [...]

Film Review: Watching The Detective

Taking story background after the bombing tragedy in Boston Marathon 2013, Watching The Detective (2017) not only offered new point of view on seeing the tragedy. The film was also giving a [...]

Film Review: Tell the Prime Minister

Through cross-class characters, Eiji Oguma present a film about how complex is Japanese people’s struggle in facing threats of using nuclear as a power plant. Oguma’s background as a professor of [...]

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