Documentary Screenwriting Workshop

Call For Applications

We are looking for talented documentary film authors/makers from the ASEAN countries to participate in this Asiadoc workshop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Deadline: CLOSED

Asiadoc is a program initiated by Docmonde in France and the Bophana Center in Phnom Penh for the structuring of the documentary film sector in Southeast Asia. The Asiadoc program aims to contribute to the emergence of a new generation of professionals who will master the methodology of film project development and will be able to find their place in the international funds and markets of the sector.

This year, in collaboration with Forum Film Dokumenter Yogyakarta, Asiadoc is opening a chance for Indonesian and ASEAN countries’ documentary filmmaker to develop their writings skills and their projects’ ideas.

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Programme Details

Residency in Yogyakarta | 19 November 2018 to 1 December 2018

How does an idea become a documentary project? How to develop both the story and the esthetical vision of the author? How does a project become a script?

These are some of the crucial questions of documentary filmmaking that have first to be answered or at least clarified by screenwriting. This means also that project holders do not remain isolated and that they, from scratch, be confronted to other people’s points of view: if it is true that writing is a single-minded activity, filmmaking needs joint efforts.

A collective study group coordinated by the tutor(s) for each of the projects will include:

  • In-depth analysis of questions of “subject” and form; collective viewing of any of the trainees’ earlier productions as well as films from the documentary film heritage;
  • Individual research work: screening and interpretation of films related to the project’s formal themes and issues;
  • Individual meetings with the tutor: analysis, examining the different possible options before location scouting;
  • Shooting exercises;
  • First stage of rewriting the project;
  • Collective and individual analysis of reworked projects after research and location scouting;
  • Final draft of the project, in constant coordination with the tutor.


Terms and Conditions of Participation


Projects, which will be considered for selection, are “creative documentaries”. Creative documentaries is any work dealing with reality, past or present, which has been the subject of research, analysis and writing, and which expresses the originality of the writer-directors’ point of view.

  • The course is designed for any documentary film writer-maker from ASEAN countries* (min. 18 years old);
  • Qualification is not required but at least some experience in filmmaking (professional or non-professional), in link with the image (broadcasting, photography, visual arts…) or writing (theatre, literature…) would be preferable. The tutor will adapt to the development stage of the project and the experience of the participants to provide them with the relevant level of assistance they need to strengthen their projects.
  • Projects should be presented by film writers/makers, whether or not they already have a producer.
  • Good communication skills in English are required.
  • Able to attend to the duration of this workshop

* (Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam)

Selection of the candidates

The selection is made by the tutor(s) and the organisers. Incomplete applications won’t be considered. The committee will not justify its decision to unsuccessful candidates. Results will be sent by email around early October 2018. The total number of selected projects are 12 projects.

Cost of the Programme

This programme is free of charge for film authors/makers selected in the workshop. This includes:

  •     Tuition fees;
  •     Access to documentation (films, reviews, etc.);
  •     Access to shooting equipment;
  •     Accommodation and meals

However, selected participants will have to cover their transport from home to the hotel in Yogyakarta and return (some institutions may be able to help with grants for plane tickets)

(Applied to all participants)


For further information or questions please email to [email protected] and cc’d to [email protected] .

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