Daily Guidelines – December 3rd, 2019

Daily Guidelines

Tuesday is……. The second episode on Monday. It’s still an intense day. Instead of just whining about waiting for the weekend, let’s live your day by following the remarkable agendas at the Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) 2019

Here we present the following guideline to enjoy FFD 2019 on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Have fun!


10.00 AM

Happy International Day of People with Disability! How far have you comprehend Persons with Disabilities? What do you think should be done to empower, ensure inclusivity and equality for Persons with Disabilities? Let’s discuss it with Sasana Inklusi & Gerakan Advokasi Difabel. This discussion will take place at the IFI-LIP Auditorium.


1.00 PM

FFD 2019 - Sweet Golden Kiwi

There are two film screening programs in different locations, Focus On South Korea: Remapping South Korean Women Directors and Documentary Competition FFD 2019 in the Short Documentary category. So, pick out your choice!

Three out of six films in the Focus on South Korea program will take place at the IFI-LIP Auditorium. These films shown include Sweet Golden Kiwi (2018), The Unseen Children (2018), and Heart of Snow: Afterlife (2018). There will be a question and answer session, so it is preferred not to leave the screening room after the film.

Sweet Golden Kiwi(Jeon Kyu-ri, 2018) invites you to follow the life of a South Korean woman who feels her country is not the right place for her. She then tried her luck to work in New Zealand and slowly redefined her life– free herself from the conventions applied in South Korea.

The Unseen Children (Aori, 2018) captures the journey of three teenagers who tried to escape from North Korea.

Film Heart of Snow: Afterlife narrates the genocide in 1920 towards the Koreans conducted by the Japanese army in Vladivostok, Russia. Japanese soldiers also execute revolutionary figures, such as Kim Afanasi and Alexandra Petrovna Kim, before the forced migration in 1937.

Competition Program FFD 2019 in the Short Documentary category will screen four films in Societet Militair TBY. These films shown include: Cipto Rupo (2019), A Daughter’s Memory (2019), Perempuan Tana Humba (2019), and Sujud (2019). After watching these four films, you can also take part in a question and answer session.

If you choose to watch the Focus on South Korea program at this time, don’t be sad. These four films will be screened again on December 5, 2019, at 6.30 PM on Societet Militair TBY.

Not only that, but at this time you can also choose to take part in the Public Lecture: Getting the Story Right, Telling the Story Wellin the Auvi Room, Faculty of Recording Media Arts, ISI Yogyakarta. Together with Kek Huat Lau, we will find out how he designed and executed The Tree Remembers (2019), an ethnography documentary about the worst political and racial violence victims in Malaysia. As someone who was born in Malaysia and settled in Taiwan, Kek will explain how he has empirical and emotional experiences in space, time, and social ties to the ethnic issues of his birth country. The tricky thing is to design it in a narrative film that remains intimate and maintains ethics. How does Lau enrich his experience and personal background to create a film with these kinds of sensitive issues? From the audio and visual imagery offered, which voices are represented by the subjects in the movie? How Lau manifest his authority and positions on ethnic and racial issues?

You can feel a different experience in watching a documentary film at the Lobby of Societet TBY. The documentary film displayed in the form of exhibitions. There are two exhibitions, which are virtual reality (VR) documentary from The Feelings of Reality program and documentaries by high school students from the SchoolDoc program. These exhibitions are open until 9.00 PM. So, you don’t need to hurry.


3.00 PM

FFD 2019 - Kompetisi Dokumenter Panjang Indonesia - Tonotwyiat

There are two films screened at different locations: The Future Cries Beneath Our Soil(2018) and Tonotwiyat (Hutan Perempuan, 2019).

The Future Cries Beneath Our Soil (Hang Pham Thu, 2018) is one of the finalists in the Competition Program FFD 2019 in the International Feature-Length Competition.This film invites you to observe four men who go through their life inseparably from one another. Until one day, one of them left the other to live a life they did not want. Meanwhile, the border between North and South Vietnam revealed traces of war. You can watch this 98-minute film on Societet Militair TBY.

Tonotwiyat: Hutan Perempuan (2019) will be screened at the IFI-LIP Auditorium. Yulika Anastasia Indrawati’s work is one of the finalists of the Competition Program FFD 2019 in the Indonesian Feature-length Documentary category. This film tells a story about Enggros women who preserve their tradition to make a living depending on natural resources from Perempuan Forest. In the midst of modernization, they try to maintain the tradition and pass it down to the following generations. This forest is forbidden for men. If they violate the rule, there will be cost and punishment waiting for them. This agenda will also be provided with a question and answer session. You can enjoy this film again on December 6, 2019, at 3.30 PM in Societet MIlitair TBY.


 6.30 PM

If your time was spent working or going to college until evening, now it is time for you to relieve your fatigue for a moment. You can enjoy The Tree Remembers(2019) in Societet Militair TBY. This 89-minute film is one out of four films from the program Screening Violence. Kek Huat Lau’s work invites you to reassess the cross-racial life in Malaysia. Lau breaks the assumption that discussing racial riots in 1969 were taboo. What is a race? Where it came from? Let’s obtain more detailed information through this film by taking part in the question and answer session after the film screening.


7.00 PM

FFD 2019 - International Feature-length Competition - Sankara is Not Dead

Before the night is getting late, let’s enjoy today’s closing agenda of FFD 2019. You can choose to watch Sankara is Not Dead(2019) or all finalists’ films of Competition Program FFD 2019 in the Student Documentary category.

Sankara is Not Dead (2019) is one of the finalists of Competition Program FFD 2019 in the International Feature-Length Competition.This 109-minute movie is screened at IFI-LIP Auditorium. This Lucie Viver’s work invites you to follow Bikontine in reaching his dreams and better life as a poet after the October 2014 uprising in Burkina Faso. From south to north, Bikontine follows the only railroad track in his country. Through his poetry journey, he learned about the villagers, the city that constantly changes, as well as their dreams and disappointments. It is also interesting to reveal the legacy of Thomas Sankara, Che Guevara from Africa who was killed in 1987. Don’t miss the question and answer session, right after the screening is ended

All film finalists of Competition Program FFD 2019 in the Student Category can be enjoyed in the Amphitheater TBY. These films include: Bangkit (Farchany Nashrulloh, 2018), Orang-Orang Tionghoa (Icha Feby Nur Futikha, 2019), Tambang Pasir (Sekar Ayu Kinanti, 2019), Ngalih Pejalai Antu -Ritual Dayak Iban (Kynan Tegar, 2019), Pasur (Pasar Sepur) (Sarah Salsabila Shafiyah, 2019), and Seandainya (Diva Suukyi Larasati, 2019)This agenda will be ended with a question and answer session.

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