Documentary Storytelling Workshop

  • 21-30 August 2019
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • 21-30 August 2019
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Asiadoc is an intensive workshop platform for Southeast Asian documentary filmmakers to develop their film concept and production plans. The workshop aims to help filmmakers to work on their story in the pre-production stage so that they can strengthen their narrative and intentions, the story they want to tell and the way they want to use the language of creative documentary.

This year, Forum Film Dokumenter (FFD) and Docmonde present the second edition of Asiadoc that will be held on 21-30 August 2019 in Yogyakarta. In this edition, Asiadoc invites 2 international mentors to accompany 12 projects that have been selected to join the workshop.

Selected Projects

ASIADOC 2019 Participant - Eyes Before Ashes by Agni Tirta

Eyes Before Ashes

  • Agni Tirta
  • Indonesia
  • 70 minutes

History is a commodity; written by the winner, traded by the trader.

ASIADOC 2019 Participant - Motherland by Lutfi Wahyudyanti


  • Lutfi Wahyudyanti
  • Indonesia
  • 90 minutes

A mother who campaigns a zero waste lifestyle in a country that having improper waste management.

ASIADOC 2019 Participant - Numb by Patar Simatupang


  • Patar Simatupang
  • Indonesia
  • 81 minutes

Lukas Tumiso (79 years), a former political prisoner–playing himself–is suggested by his psychologist to visit his past.

ASIADOC 2019 Participant - The Three Brothers by Ishak Iskandar

The Three Brothers

  • Ishak Iskandar
  • Indonesia
  • 72 minutes

Three brothers must have “nikah kembar” to keep their parent’s responsibility to marry them together at one party. But unlike his two brothers who managed to propose to his girlfriend, Fadly had to break up with his girlfriend after his wedding proposal failed. Within three months, he must find a woman who wants to marry him. If not, he will be married to a woman of his parents’ choice.

ASIADOC 2019 Participant - The Treasure of Sumatra by Dennis Angga Hermawan

The Treasure of Sumatra

  • Dennis Angga Hermawan
  • Indonesia
  • 24 minutes

A story of an ordinary man persuades people around the forest to postpone the extinction of the Sumatran Tiger.

ASIADOC 2019 Participant - The Move by Zheng Wei Xuan

The Move

  • Zheng Wei Xuan
  • Taiwan
  • 90 minutes

It’s a story about a middle-class, Indonesian family gave up all they had in hometown to come to Taiwan to pursue a better life. However, they constantly struggled with dreams and ideas. Will they have happy ending finally?

ASIADOC 2019 Participant - XiXi by Fan Wu


  • Fan Wu
  • Taiwan
  • 70 minutes

A broken soul who has been taking refuge in her odd self is now trying to engage with the world for a person she loves, and yet trying to protect her own identity of being different.

ASIADOC 2019 Participant - Above The Clouds by Al-Azmir Ibrahim

Above The Clouds

  • Al-Azmir Ibrahim
  • Singapore
  • 18 minutes

An ethnographic film that follows the lives of two natives from a remote Indonesian village, who started up accommodation lodges for tourists in a bid to preserve the village’s diminishing culture.

ASIADOC 2019 Participant - Diary of A Missing Village by Wei Jie Lim

Diary of A Missing Village

  • Wei Jie Lim
  • Malaysia
  • 90 minutes
Diary of A Missing Village poetically traces the memories and vestiges of people and landscapes impacted by the colonial legacy of the Malayan Emergency, which witnessed the forced relocation of over 500,000 Malaysian Chinese to resettlement camps during the British occupation.
ASIADOC 2019 Participant - Monster in My Head by Thanut Oh Singhasuvich

Monster In My Head

  • Thanut Oh Singhasuvich
  • Thailand
  • 90 minutes

A story of characters created by Udom, Thailand’s leading comedy artist, and their creator. We will explore inside the artistic mind of Udom, how these cute, sometimes weird, and often imperfect characters were born out of denial and rejection Udom felt from society around him. For others, these characters are cute, funny and lovable. For Udom, they are monsters from the war inside his head, monsters who are his savior and his true friends.

ASIADOC 2019 Participant - The Red Books in Grandpa's Library by Julian Miguel Hernandez

The Red Books in My Grandparents' Library

  • Julian Miguel Hernandez
  • Philippines
  • 80 minutes

The grandson of two prominent leftist activists ventures forth on a personal journey to uncover a side of his grandparents that has always been a mystery to him.

ASIADOC 2019 Participant - Talking Nonsense by Uong Thanh Ngoc

Talking Nonsense

  • Uong Thanh Ngoc
  • Vietnam
  • 80 minutes

Talking Nonsense is a documentary about the freedom of expression and the struggles against intolerance in Vietnam. With the setting surrounding the trial course, we witness how people respond to suppression. Though painful, it raises a discussion on democracy in Vietnam and how a powerful one-party politically regime deals with different voices of dissents.

Talking Nonsense is a story about a small but resilient woman who, while going through cancer, steps out of fear and suppression to fights against a powerful regime in order to claim freedom for her husband.




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