Pengunjung Festival Film Dokumenter menonton film program SCHOOLDOC


Inspired by the number of documentaries collected throughout our installments of festivals, Forum Film Dokumenter initiated a collection management in 2008. By doing so, we attempt to connect filmmakers, communities, and the public as the entirety of the documentary ecosystem, which we hope will grow richer and more diverse in the years to come.

Forum Film Dokumenter has collected more than 3.000 documentary films since early 2002. The variety of themes and shapes of the films enriches our collection, making it an intellectual property itself. Therefore, the collection process is continuously improved to facilitate an easier access and distribution of the values in the films through the programs organized by FFD or other communities/organizations that access our collection.

Starting in 2020, Forum Film Dokumenter will make its collection available on its online platforms gradually, starting from organizing its database. We are committed to work on archiving as a part of preserving the history, which serves as a reference for the future and a mirror for the present.

If you or the institution that you represent are interested to access our archive for public or private screening as well as any other educational and exhibition purposes, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected].