Awarding Night and Closing Ceremony of 15th Festival Film Dokumenter

Penutupan Festival Film Dokumenter 15 Displacement oleh Greg Arya (Direktur Festival)

15th Festival Film Dokumenter ‘Displacement’ has been ended on 10th December, 2016. Awarding night and closing ceremony became the last events of Festival Film Dokumenter  implementation that had been started since Wednesday (12/7). Took place at Societet Militair Building Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, closing ceremony of FFD 15 filled by film screening of featured documentary competition category’s winner.

Before the winner of each programs were announced, the representation of jury board read the nomination and giving evaluation for the submitted films this year. The submitted films this year are relativesly diverse and rich not only from participants’ demography side, but also in contents and forms, with simple themes and close with our daily life, up to the themes that discussed about actual issues, and also the issues that never stop to be debated and cross-age issues like gender and sexuality. There are 151 submitted films divided into 53 submitted films in Feature-Length Documentary category; 87 films in Short Documentary category, and 11 films in Student Documentary category. Internal curation process then leaving 22 films as the finalists; 7 films Feature-Length Documentary, 9 films Short Documentary, and 6 filmas Student Documentary. The submission had been started from each of category since May, and judged by the jury board on December 7-9, 2016.

Below is the winner of competition program

  • Feature-Length Documentary: Roshmia / Salim Abu Jabal / Palestine, Qatar, Lebanon, UAE, Syria
  • Short Documentary: Petani Terakhir / Dwitra J Ariana / Indonesia
  • Student Documentary: 1880 mdpl / Ryan Sigit Wiranto dan Miko Saleh / Indonesia

Special Mention:

  • Special Mention of Feature-Length Documentary: Shadow Girl / Maria Teresa Larrain / Canada and Nokas / Manuel Alberto Maia / Indonesia
  • Special Mention of Student Documentary: Kami Hanya Menjalankan Perintah, Jenderal! / Ilman Nafai / Indonesia

Jury board was also giving notes to the winner. For 1880 mdpl, the juries said that this film is giving an interestimng intrinsic element about social and political issues.

BW Purbanegara

“This film discribed about social condition versus goverment condition, the proximity between the filmmaker and the subject can be seen clearly so brought out interesting events,” said BW Purbanegara as the representation of Student Documentary jury board. However, Kami Hanya Menjalankan Perintah, Jenderal! Earned the special mention because this film is one of the interesting historical database about an crucial event of Indonesia.

Eric Sasono

The notes from Short Documentary category were delivered by Eric Sasono. From jury board’s opinion, Petani Terakhir is deserved to be the winner because agrarian issues nowadays were becoming national issues. Agricultural sector in no more believed as the promising sector in economic considerations.

Ranjan Palit

Ranjan Palit as the representation of Feature-Length Documentary category jury board was also delivered the notes of the winner film. Roshmia can be so interesting in narrating human relation inside the film. What has been showed in that documentary work is a trooped process of the duration of making or process in the making. Meanwhile, Nokas deserved to be awarded as the special mention because this film showed about young people is actually habing an opportunity to deliver their opininion and also presented the film in observational approach.

Malam Penganugerahan dan Penutupan Festival Film Dokumenter 15

In the 4 days of implementation, 15th Festival Film Dokumenter has screened 71 films from 32 transcontinental countries. Film screening has been held in 4 location: Societet Militair Building Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Seminar Room Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, IFI-LIP Yogyakarta, and Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta. Beside that dicussion program wuth 3 different topics has also implemented: Experiencing Sensory Ethnography Film, What They Talk When They Talk About Girl, and Displacement and Stratagem. In 4 days of the Festival, total visitors reached up to 2452 visitors. See you in Festival Film Dokumenter next year! [Valentina Nita / Ellyta Rahmayandi]

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