Film Review: Mise Wo Miru

Mise Wo Miru | Jolene Mok | 15’ | Japan | 2015

Mise Wo Miru | Jolene Mok | 15’ | Japan | 2015

Daily activity of 16 shop owner in Kawabata Shopping Arcade in Fukuoka is showed in this film. An interesting portrait that taken from anthropological pair of glasses through the shop owners and shopkeepers is showed as unique portray from their daily life. Probably  the audience is never thought of before about things that always a shop owner and shopkeepers would do while waiting the costumer to come, and this film is the answer of it, by comparing the activity of some shops with the same type of shop.

In Ginza Monger fabric and Tailor Takehara fabric store, in the same time the shop owners are reading a newspaper, minutes passed, both shop owners are checking the stock remained in their shops. Different type of shops, makes the different activities of their owners that showed in this film. Like on Ran-Ran Florist and Qtane Florist. Ms. Kusuhara, the manager of Ran-Ran Florist on 11 in the morning was busy sprucing the potted plant. In the same time in Qtane Florist, Mr. Seto is engrossed in arranging a bucket of flower for his costumer.

The director, Jolene Mok is also showed the audiences about the design of shopping complex in Japan that in reality is not in accordance with its outer appearance. This can be seen in the segment of Hakata gunshop that from the outside it looked like a normal shop, but actually was having 2 type of shop; the shop that sell lottery goods and Mr. Naito’s gun shop. This two shops are deliberately put together in one place because of offering the same thing to sell that is ”to hit the right target”. Another thing is about Cotton Matsuda fabric store, there are two shops if we see it with bare eyes, but actually only have one shops. In one side is for the fabric’s stock display and in the other side is for the tailor.

This film is considered an epic work if were reworded in right choice of word that well known in this era. This can be seen through the shop owners or shopkeepers daily routines that doing the same activity in the exact same time. We are invited to observe their behavior of both in contrast or in tangent between the different 16 shops. Other thing that is quite surprising is about the shops design that had been told before, that people is probably often fooled with outer appearance of the shope before finally knowing it after entering the shop. This film is also trying to show something about how is the dynamics of daily activity of business owners in Japan, moreover in Fukuoka downtown. [Justicia Handykaputri / Ellyta Rahmayandi]

Jolene Mok | 15’ | Japan | 2015

8 Desember 2016 | IFI-LIP Yogyakarta | 16.30 WIB

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