Letting go of the Past from History Concentration through Discussion

Departing from film scrrening of Spektrum program | Dear Memory : Facticity, Festival Film Dokumenter 16 was also holding Q&A session on Sunday (10/12). Located at IFI-LIP, this session [...]

Interview with Takuro Kotaka, Director of The Village’s Bid for UFO

Takuro Kotaka, a documentary filmmaker from Tokyo, Japan, is having his own unique way to documented a social issues. Through “The Village’s Bid for UFO”, he catched native citizen’s responses on [...]

Studet Documentary Judging Process and The Depth of Context with Alternative Point of View

Three member of the jury board involved in serious discussion when deciding who is the winner of Student Documentary Competition Festival Film Dokumenter this year. Irfan R. Darajat and Jason [...]

Awarding Night and Closing Ceremony of 15th Festival Film Dokumenter

15th Festival Film Dokumenter ‘Displacement’ has been ended on 10th December, 2016. Awarding night and closing ceremony became the last events of Festival Film Dokumenter  implementation that had [...]

Get Around the Displacement of Economy Social and Politic Context in Discussion

Departing from the narration on the film Jakarta Unfair (Sindy Febriyani & Dhuha Ramadhani, 2016) and Sosrokusuman (Ninndi Raras, 2016), problematic on city planning that always being an [...]

Interview with Eva Tang, Director of The Songs We Sang

The Song We Sang is a story about an era – in forgotten historical records of Singapore – where music is revolution. Historical turmoil in the journey of language alteration in Singapore caused [...]

Six Representation of Girl in Discussion

The discussion in the 3rd day of 15th Festival Film Dokumenter implementation titled What They Talk When They Talk Aout Girl has enden on Thursday (12/9). The discussion was involving Sani Widato [...]

Masterclass Docs In Progress and The Dynamics on Project Making Process of Each Participants.

Education program by Festival Film Dokumenter aside from School Docs, Master Class, in this year has sucessfully ended after been held on December 6-9. 10 filmmakers from everywhere were took [...]

Student Documentary Judging and Beautifully Elaborating Restlesness

The series of Festival Film Dokumenter’s competition has ended along with completion of judging process for Student Documentary Category on Friday (12/9). From 11 films submitted, 6 of it had [...]

Short Documentary Judging and Indonesian Documentary Development Barometer

The judging of Short Documentary category for Festival Film Dokumenter 15 competition program had been held on Thursday (12/8). The scoring process lasted for 6 hours by 3 famous figures from [...]

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