Post-Truth: Re-Interpreting Truth

More than half a century ago, Thomas Kuhn killed positivitic logic in his book “The Structure of Scientific Revolution” (1962), question about ehat is truth seems like raising more question than [...]

Focus on Japan: Questioning Existence and Relation between Self, Space, and Object

Collaboration program with The Japan Foundation Asia Center titled Focus on Japan once comes again this year after last year raised “Japan in Narration” as the main theme that invited the [...]

Docu Francais: Cinéma-Vérité as Truth Offer

In the end of 50s until middle of 60s, documentary film development underwent major changes. In its production, filmmaker started using lighter camera and lesser crew, and also refusing script [...]

Fragments of A Day: Natural Quotation of Alluring Day

The first ever collaboration program between Festival Film Dokumenter with National Film Board of Canada (NFB) with the title “Fragments of A Day” as one of festival program of FFD. The program [...]

Doc Music: Humanizing Music Through Discussion

We do not know since when music becomes not only about audio, but also visual. The 21th century is also having its own dynamics about the merging of both elements with the emergence of several [...]

5 Islands / 5 Villages: Indonesia-Germany Cross Perspective

There are so many passed events in front of our eyes and giving knowledges that accepted unconsciously. That thing presents inside our mind, eventhough only a brief moment. As example the present [...]

Mark Rappaport’s Retrospective: Exploring The Stitches

Festival Film Dokumenter once again will be holding Spektrum Program as one of its Festival Program in 2017. This program is a form of consistency in an effort to analyze variety of documentary. [...]

Dear Memory, Trinkets of The Past: Reviewing Memory and Reality of Truth

Past, present, and future time mingle into one unity about time concept, event that is following it forming memories that is can not be separated from human. Human brain is basicalliy having [...]

Asian Doc: Lost and Found, Finding Asia

Rising “Lost and Found” for the theme, Asian Doc once again presents in Festival Film  Dokumenter. In its 3rd year, the with Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF) collaboration will dig more [...]

Spektrum | Dear Memory, Facticity: Memories Presence In Variable Forms

Spektrum is once again brought to  you by Festival Film Dokumenter 2017 “Post-Truth”. Raising the theme of spatial memory as an effort to bring back pieces from the past. Memory is a thought  [...]

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